Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Knit Cowls and Tarot Bags

I've worked on these cowls almost every spare moment the last few weeks- at home, quiet moments at the school- no one has seen me without one.  They take a while but once cast on, you can just go.

The new tarot bags were created to make something strong and useful- the perfect size for decks or set of runes.  I love the stitch because it makes for a sturdy bag and pulls snugly closed.

Remember- in February each of these pieces come with a complimentary mini Lernormand oracle reading.  To get more practice with this deck and to say "thanks".

Forest Mist cowl

} Soft, airy cowls for this warm/cool weather we're having.  Wear them outdoors or indoors to punch up an outfit or keep warm in drafty rooms.

At Stix N Stitches. Montclair, NJ

Knit drawstring tarot bag.
Rustic knit drawstring tarot bag

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