Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tarot: The Empress

from the Rider Waite Smith deck

a feminine ideal, an ideal that someone has of women

In tarot magick and visualization, the Empress helps you visualize your success and comfort.  If you run a household, business or want to act with more confidence and poise, work with her.  

from the Victorian Romantic deck

nurturing, motherly
becoming pregnant, fertility, involved with children

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tarot: The Hermit

from the Llewellyn deck
solitude, being alone, in the quiet or nature
someone who surrounds themselves with esoteric or natural learning or items connected to those studies

needing time away from others, perhaps from hardship

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New website for Moonthrall!

A few weeks ago, I purchased  All posts and articles are over there.  I'll be posting new ones on my domain now. 

There are new photos of our Paris trip if you're interested!

Tarot meanings, magick work and shop news are always being added so I hope to see you over there.  Leave a comment on what you love, I'd like to know what you think.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tarot: Hanged Man

from the Fantastic Menagerie deck
staying in the same situation/phase of life
nothing's changing
putting yourself in a tough place/being put in a tough place or backed up in a corner

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Sale Section!!

Select tarot and rune bags are priced to go!
Visit the new Sale Section in my shop to score gifts or a bag to hold your favorite rune set.

Linen rune bag
Now $21

Monday, September 15, 2014

Knitwear is back!
The weather has been turning cooler and I've been listing handwarmers.  They are back in the shop for the season.  Plenty of colors, snuggly and warm.  I've made several pairs as Christmas gifts and they are always loved

The shop needs something new- spread cloths have been the most requested so I'll start work on those.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Night Prosperity List #2: London and Paris

I did a bunch of things I've always wanted to do last month.

First plane ride, first time outside of the US, first trip to Europe, but 2nd time speaking French to a native!

Here's what I loved in London and Paris.

Berthillon ice cream * the Eiffel friggin tower * people that start speaking spanish so you can have a real conversation! * the view from Sacre Couer * subways * free croissants in the morning * late night meal of cheese, wine and a baguette on the Seine * macarons * the cool little shops on St. Louis * the view on the Thames * cozy pub decor * Here Comes the Night by Arcade Fire taking off from Newark * the people from all over the world we met

I've got my little Eiffle tower snowglobe and Mind the Gap buttons, 2 original artworks, amazing duty free booze cookies, tons of pictures.
I'm damn well bringing a jacket and waterproof, grippy shoes to London next time.  But Paris is a go anytime.

Have you been here or are planning a trip to somewhere you've never been!  Post what you're excited about or share some tips.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tarot: The Magician

a controlling person, situtation controlled by someone else

you are capable of making things happen, success
it's in your hands, you have all the tools you need already

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tarot: The High Priestess

from the Victorian Romantic deck
keeping your own counsel
a solitary person or learner
work your magic
embarking on some spiritual learning
the opportunity to rely on your own senses, bring out your intuition or some other unearthly senses hahaha!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lenormand #36: Cross

Burdens, spiritual signs
I pulled this card recently when asking about setting up our air conditioners.  We live in an old house and I was worried about the electricity.  Sure enough, after charging the Stars (electric) as the focus, the Cross and House came up.  A burden on the house.  

A couple days later, the breaker tripped.  We got a new line installed that week.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Night Prosperity List #1

From angellightem
I'm always writing down cool things that happened and stuff I love.  Here's what the very warm, stormy 4th of July week brought.

cakeruns * night walks * gruyere, fig jam and crackers (didn't give a damn about cheese until I moved up here) *  LUSH * first tarot trade- I had a relaxing Reiki and reflexology session with a talented coworker) * my organized yarn stash *
having successful massage therapist and other healers nearby * a family who gives a shit
the awesome artists I know online and I can buy from any time I want to! * my new planner * can't wait for Salem

How has your week been?  Excited for something new coming up?

WatchingThe Americans
Matthew Rhys is hot and can pass for Russian.  He's got that Jewfro thing going.
Listening:  ASMR and Arcade Fire
Reading: Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Magick: Cadeuces chakra candle for healing and heavy stuff

 I had an awesome idea for spellwork right around this past Solstice.
I'd been reading a book on energy healing during surgery- a healer's experience with patients whle they were being operated on and the emotions that brought up.

An image of a cadeuces with chakra colors came to me.  A banishment, clearing and full body energy healing all in one.

I should have known it would be a bit heavy from the emotions even reading that book.  Don't know what it was from- all the childhood crap patients still carried with them- I know people can carry hurt with them all their lives.  This was to bring some of that up and clear it away.  I'll tell you how I started because there is still a ways to go.

This work may be better in a more positive light.  I will try a variation of this with a white or blue candle, focusing on general healing so each area of my experience will be the best it can.

See what feels best for you.  Spend some time beforehand deciding on a focus.  You can choose to do some writing as the candle burns, which I'll bring up later.

*black candle
*glitter markers!!!  I used glitter glue pens
*any oils or herbs good for clearing or healing work
*a small mirror or flat dish
You can get these at the dollar store.  Mine were with the candles.
*stones to compliment your work
*paper for affirmations and statements

My setup-

I didn't have a pull out candle so I drew with glitter glue right on the glass.  A cadeuces with a little room in between the snakes to put the chakra colors- 6 loops plus the space above the heads.

I then added a dot of color for each chakra- red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  Then a glittery white above their heads.  You can add your initials also.

I set peitersite, amethyst, obsidian and hematite on the mirror with the candle.
In some places I've read peitersite is called the "storm stone" because its colors shift when you move it.  It supports personal transformation and with all the crap I would bring up, decided it would probably be the best stone to have.

The hematite and obsidian to not get carried away, the amethyst to remain objective and decerning.

I can tell you those first few days were pretty crazy emotionally.  I *was* waking up around 8am and getting things done.  Which does not happen much with me.  But it was a few days of anxiety, depression and being pissed off.

After this was set, I put stones for each chakra in a little bowl.  You can add these to work with each specific chakra as the candle burns down.  Or as you're bringing things up to release, as support in each area.  Bad relationships?  You can use rose quartz or other stones in support of understanding and love.  Forgiveness is a difficult area for me.  Why forgive an asshole?  My focus in this work is more personal.  But I am a "selfish" Aries!

I ended up not using the stones but you might like to.

So- light the candle!
Get out a little book or paper you can write on.  Write down statements of releasing, banishment, acknowledgement.

That night, my first statement was about something that was pissing me off for a while-

 "I release all instances where someone has crossed my boundaries, known and unknown....."

 It did help my feelings about them.  Spiritual people like to learn a little something about themselves, too, and it did teach me something.  These moments let me know how I do and do not like to be treated.

"No, asshat, I'm a massage therapist not a hooker.  I don't care how many times you tell about your Asian massage experience complete with table shower in a third world country." 

I would think of more statements to write and then burn, usually on my walks around the neighborhood.  I like chanting things under my breath, hehe, which is probably why I like going at night.  There is a guy that mutters loudly about nonsense but I'm pretty much out alone.  I just walk faster when I hear him.

As the candle burns, see if any wax remains on certain chakras.  The whole front of my candle, from the solar plexus down to the sacral and root, is covered in black wax.  No soot, just all wax.   More work forthcoming.

 So that's it.  There are some specific areas I am venturing into, like relationships and success.  It used to be all about getting a job, paying bills, just getting a little more money.  I realize my worth, what I like doing and what I want.

Anyway, that was the candlework.  I hope you can use it for yourself and will come up with great ways to tailor it to yourself.  Share them here!

 PS- These were the cards from the Morgan Greer I pulled for the candle.  Ha!  Should have known I'd need some time off.
The Hermit is the focus of the work- how experiences have effected me, and still do.
The Knight of Swords is totally my emotions during those first few days.  Wanting to cut away at everything, everyone who hurt me.  I was also easily irritated.  No, not PMS.  My moods can come on from outside factors and fears.  This was also to learn how to deal with them.
I decided to give myself a little rest (4 of Swords).  I took down tarot readings from the shop (they're back up now!) and just focused on clearing my mind.  No need to bring any of this up again.  I'm going to keep doing that for a while.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tarot wrap knitting pattern, and how easy it is to create new things
tarot pattern available at Moonthrall
If you don't know this lovely pattern is up for grabs by now, it's probably my fault for 
posting nothing about it!

A few customers have asked for patterns of my work, the Diamante wrap being the most popular.  The last request was from a particularly nice person with a shared interest in knitting gifts.  A perfect kick in the ass.

"I'm thrilled with your request- people have asked before but it's not something I've done yet.  I'm taking this as a chance..."

I was inspired to take the pretty simple step of making my first pdf.  One weekend later it was up in my shop and the customer had her request answered!

Along with an instant happy customer, it showed me to listen to customers more.  They were *asking* me to sell x, y and z.

It gave more people a chance to visit my shop that otherwise may not have been interested.  Not everyone cares for a tarot reading or has an altar.

I listed this in my Ravelry store.  More people in different venues!

PDFs are easy to make. 

So listen to your customers- besides being genuinely interested in what you offer, their comments to you can be loaded with inspiration.

Thank you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

200 sales is almost here- here's a coupon!

CMON200 saves you 20% on all orders. 

 I'm only 3 sales away from 200. To help make that happen here's a surprise coupon for everyone to use. Share on your pages and with anyone who might like my work. US shipping is already free on almost all items! And thank you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tower + Fish + Rider

Tower + Fish + Rider

 I drew these Monday morning to see what the day would bring.

 Figured this was either about a check or orders coming in. Opened the front door to see a pile of 4 books we ordered here. These are from Amazon (Tower- big company and warehouses). Off to the UPS store I went to send them out (Rider).
This is also a little side gig I have going- so the Fish talks about money going in and out, resources
being sent to us.

TATEAM Summer 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Matryoshka

Way back when, I used to make more work for myself.  I created "Etsy Collections"- basically mini treasuries but individually typed in with images pasted.

The hell with that.  I'm going through old posts and created new treasuries.  Replace sold items, make it easier on the eyes and less work for me!

Matryoshka was a favorite so here it will be the first!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tarot: Justice

fairness, deliberation
being involved in a court case, dispute or other judgment
resolution to your situation

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lenormand Draw 1/13/13

Ship + Lily + Horseman
2 cards about moving and new arrivals, linked with transition and peace.

Ship: vehicles, physical moves, new sights
Lily: peace, cycles, the old
Horseman: quick, fast changes, news arriving

About completing practice hours:
Tree + Snake

The Snake I see as my significator- talking about me directly or coming up about
personal concerns and skills.  Especially "gigs" and things I do outside of day jobs.
Whenever the Queen of Wands shows up in a tarot deck, I'm on the right track or things
will be resolved in my favor.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tarot: The Lovers

from the Art Nouveau tarot
giving of yourself to your passions; devoting yourself to a person or project
choosing from between two or more

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tarot: The Emperor

from the Bohemian Gothic deck
the head of any project/organization/business
small business owners- you're the whole show!
recognize what power you have; use logic

working with knowledge, hard facts, mental faculties

a person who wishes to control others, manipulative,
cuts others down as a way of gaining power

an authoritative male that figures heavily in the reading

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year + New Moon

Thank you for supporting Moonthrall over the last 5 years!  I wish you an amazing 2014, starting with today, and the new moon to start you on your way.

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