Friday, June 8, 2012

Goddess Lakshmi

It's Friday- perfect to celebrate the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Tarot Reading!

Just rolled out a new reading!
It combines some of my favorite spreads plus the chance to ask a few questions afterward.

A tarot reading with multiple spreads to give you a clear lay of the land, plus a heads up on what's to come! 

Deluxe anything is awesome. Like a Jersey diner cheeseburger deluxe, this reading has plenty of punch to keep you satisfied. And it's at a special introductory price of $40!

And after you receive it, you may ask up to 3 questions that haven't been answered yet.

Week End Mini Newsletter

Hey- just a quick note on what's new and cool stuff I've gathered over the week.

First and probably foremost, had a great time last night seeing these guys:

Couldn't stay up after midnight to represent, but I enjoyed my first tophatter auction.  Did a tarot reading, client was happy.  Awesome.

I do have a pretty pretty rune bag in the Enchanted Arts pagan auction.

From the people who brought you The Housewives Tarot

Pretty relevant huh.

Links and Articles

20 Things I ( fn heard all the time but never took seriously/didn't do for whatever stupid reason) Should Have Known at 20 

Artisan Work

This'll give you an idea of the treasuries I'm putting together-
Unicorn Poop Cookies by BakeAlltheThings

Cute Cedar and Mint Sugar Scrub cubes!  Refreshing sugar scrub in
the perfect portions.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey black soap- can't think of a better combination
for smooth skin!

Also of interest...