Monday, September 3, 2012

New Shop / MoonthrallKnitwear

My knitwear pieces have a new shop just for them.
Those that were in my original shop are being moved over and combined with the new one I'm working on.

Customers that have a coupon from Moonthrall can use it here, too!
I'll be getting more handwarmers up this week and am designing new cowls and scarves.

So keep checking back- anything you want to see, let me know- and pick up some beautiful, useful gifts for yourself and to share.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Personal Update

Hey Everyone.

Finished 3 weeks of the massage therapy course and I love it.

Had my first few solo one hour massages.  I hear clients' deep breathing now and want to giggle!  It's like their silent approval.

Student business cards and more ads will follow once I get confidence and skill up.

I had an interesting Lenormand reading to check on possible progress in the course this month:
Sun + Man + {Tree} + Stars + Child

I chose the Tree as the massage course ( health, healing).
In my journal, I made notes for each card and pair.

Sun + Man: leadership, praise, taking the initiative (marketing, learning new routines, organizing room)
Stars: can represent the skin, guidance, shining inspiration
Child: small, starting out
Stars + Child: someone with a gift, some small gains in the right direction

How literal the cards were hit me the next day after glancing over them again.
Skin and Touch- a vital part of a therapist's skill.
Feedback has been great, including from my first non student client.  I have a scheduling account and will design cards.  I'm tracking down new routines to learn and use

Friday, August 3, 2012

Collecting Meditations

Happy Friday all.
I'll be starting massage therapy training on Monday.  In addition to two part time jobs and online shops.

Tarot readings may have to be put on hold- we will see.

It also means I need to use my free time wiser.  To remain sane, productive and in a healing frame of mind I want to meditate regularly.  Actively grounding, centering and otherwise working in this state has been lost to me for a while and I'm starting back up.

So, on the hunt for good downloads to burn.  Below are some sources I've found- but I would love to see yours!

Daniela at Thinking Bliss has several guided meditations with purpose- like accepting change, love and attracting abundance.

Explore Meditation has a bunch to stream.

Meditation Oasis- loads of podcasts on all kinds of meditations and how to articles.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Simple Daily Tarot Spread by Lark

This is a simple layout I found years ago.  My early journal is filled with these- but didn't always go back to write about events of the day.  You might want to devote some time at the end of the day to do so.
Credit goes to Lark for creating this!

Great for

*starting your day
*expanding card knowledge through daily observation

The Reading

Work can be your actual job, errands, hobbies, side jobs.  All the "stuff" you need to work on.  Mental and emotional, too.

Home is where you centered; your living space, people around you.

Unexpected can be a random occurrence or something coming to light you haven't noticed before.  Think of the 4 of Cups or Tower.

Your role can be how all these effect you or how you can best react to them.

Overview is how everything will tie up together or be resolved.

You can see it looks like part of the Celtic Cross.  

So another way to read this would be two lines: horizontal and vertical.

The vertical line (cards 1, 5, and 2) can be a little timeline.  Recent past or what is receding, the present, near future.

The horizontal line (cards 3, 5 and 4) can be read as something appearing you are unconscious of, the present at is exists, and the foundation or something you are conscious of.  A bit more metaphysical.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goddess Lakshmi

It's Friday- perfect to celebrate the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Tarot Reading!

Just rolled out a new reading!
It combines some of my favorite spreads plus the chance to ask a few questions afterward.

A tarot reading with multiple spreads to give you a clear lay of the land, plus a heads up on what's to come! 

Deluxe anything is awesome. Like a Jersey diner cheeseburger deluxe, this reading has plenty of punch to keep you satisfied. And it's at a special introductory price of $40!

And after you receive it, you may ask up to 3 questions that haven't been answered yet.

Week End Mini Newsletter

Hey- just a quick note on what's new and cool stuff I've gathered over the week.

First and probably foremost, had a great time last night seeing these guys:

Couldn't stay up after midnight to represent, but I enjoyed my first tophatter auction.  Did a tarot reading, client was happy.  Awesome.

I do have a pretty pretty rune bag in the Enchanted Arts pagan auction.

From the people who brought you The Housewives Tarot

Pretty relevant huh.

Links and Articles

20 Things I ( fn heard all the time but never took seriously/didn't do for whatever stupid reason) Should Have Known at 20 

Artisan Work

This'll give you an idea of the treasuries I'm putting together-
Unicorn Poop Cookies by BakeAlltheThings

Cute Cedar and Mint Sugar Scrub cubes!  Refreshing sugar scrub in
the perfect portions.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey black soap- can't think of a better combination
for smooth skin!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gifts for Diviners

This treasury has gifts for your tarot/rune/bone/tea leaf/whatever reading friends!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pagan Tophatter Auction

Save  the Date!  Sunday June 10 12 pm PT

Etsy's Pagan Team got together to offer our work at special prices in this private auction.
See what's on the block and RSVP to save your spot-

Enchanted Arts Tophatter auction

This one's mine- you can bid on this lovely deep wine rune bag starting at a special price!

In the Meantime...

Jia's post on reclaiming yourself and losing the clutter (not just physical)

Barbara Moore's Tarot Story- you may relate to the 10 of Wands overload.

Mr Grey's Wish Upon a Star tarot spread

Twig ring by CarrieBilbo. Her work looks like gilded branches and dewdrops.
Silver leaf necklace/bracelet combo by fleurdelunejewelry
Hellcat print by NovemberStudios
One of a kind Artist Teddy Bear from MrBearFamily. Aww! Look at the cute face!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Spheres Tarot Spread

A concise spread packed with information you can use now!
I was inspired by math/powers and "spheres of influence": the main card, representing you, changes with the accompanying card.

Give the spread a try and post your readings here!

Inner Sphere

*what you feel, your intention, what you're putting forth
*how circumstances are effecting you

If these cards don't jive, you've pinpointed something that's upsetting you.

Outer Sphere

*your surroundings + current situation

Other People + Factors at Work

*many times describes other people effecting the current situation, can show their 
overall attitude toward you or dominating feature that effects the current card

*can bring up anything else you need to see

This is a great opportunity to connect any court card appearances to people around you.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tarot Spotter's Handbook is up

I'm going through old readings and journal entries to put together a series on tarot meanings.  These are based on actual readings and life observation over the years.  Another series will be added on things you may notice during a reading- how cards effect each other, court card relationships, etc.

You're welcome to add your own thoughts on the cards.

It's ongoing but you can see what's up so far at The Tarot Spotter's Handbook.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May Moonthrall Newsletter

Hey- happy May 11th!  
As usual, or close to usual here, you can see projects I'm working on, favorite videos and the best of fellow artisans.
Some stunning yarn I've been eyeing was on sale, so 3 new skeins are mine.  Those are the new altar cloths below.  Two are listed now- camera never works for more than 5 minutes so third will go up tomorrow.  Please tell me what you think!

New at Moonthrall 

Silk altar cloths

Silk altar cloth

small cloths, almost 
like woven mats, in 
gorgeous colors.

for little altars
crystals collections
favorite knickknacks

Tarot Wraps

You saw the gray Diamante wrap last time- but they're up in several more colors.

Diamante knit tarot wrap
Diamante tarot wrap in coral

I've been geeking out on ballet and opera lately.  This piece from Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman has been playing in my head constantly.  So much that I compiled a youtube playlist and pinterest board of favorite videos.
My Doll Song board

Kathleen Kim and Joseph Calleja

Etsy Favorites

Felted kitty bed by vaivanat
Custom lampwork beads by debbiesanders
Stained glass candle holder by MedievalLightCompany

Videos for You

The Red Shoes feat. Moira Shearer.  This was in the Montclair film festival.  Missed it, but here's the magic of the internet.

Ours- "Fallen Souls"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Homemade Oatmeal Scrub

I made this face scrub last winter- loved it so much I gave a few packs away to customers.  I continue to keep a fresh batch on hand- it’s all natural, easy to make and keeps your skin really soft.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthdays and Other News

It seems every time March/April rolls around, there's a birthday every day.
My sister and I celebrated ours last week.  People at school had theirs, friends on Facebook had a bunch, a few of my coworkers had some the last couple weeks.

Not one of them?  Then enjoy this video.

For shop news, you can find several new tarot wraps.  They are based on one of my first designs- the Diamante.
It was a favorite when Moonthrall opened in 2008 and they're back in many new colors.

Diamante tarot wrap

Strong, simple and beautiful wraps to keep your cards together at home or on trips. 

6 of Pentacles.  The beauty of this card has become clearer recently: being given what you need, by someone who sees your true worth.  On the other side, having the sense and resources to give.

Etsy Favorites
Lovely Labradorite piece from FenderMinerals
Crystal collection complete with wooden shelf from 
Case for double pointed knitting needles by skrapyram
Elm divination bowl by TreeSeer
Raw pyrite and brass locket by DirdyBirdy

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Free Easter Weekend Readings

Happy Weekend!
I'm pulling 3 card Lenormands for anyone who wants one this weekend.  Just comment here or on my Facebook page.  I'll reply at the same spot.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lenormand #15: The Bear

}  In response to what may be a problem- lack of planning and keeping track.  Pulled this to answer what may be holding back my business.  
It was paired with the Stars, which talk about success, steering yourself forward and being known.
So I opened up my Excel sale and expense tracker and updated numbers.
Then I kept some workbooks on blogging and marketing open while online.  Need some of that stardust to brush off on Moonthrall.  Let's get the word out!

Thanks for reading - cards will be updated as I go along.
Please share any experiences you've had with certain cards or readings as a comment.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of Week Lenormand Layout

Happy Saturday everyone.
I did a small Lenormand draw this past Wednesday, 3/28, to see how the week would wrap up.  The events described have begun to pop up so let's see how they match up.

The Woman, at center, was chosen to represent myself.
The preceding two current events or those closer to me.  The following are events happening afterward.

The Bear + Birds are first.
Bear  } steady finances, work, career
Birds } talk about such things, getting another person involved and sharing information

Crossroads } events brought by this other person may cause a dilemma; the crossroads does bring up other opportunities, "fork in the road"
Stork          } also indicates a new road possible, feels this may continue past the weekend

So, had a voicemail about a contract job through an agency on Thursday.  Spoke with her briefly about it that night.  That's the Birds.
A contract job doesn't quite match the Bear- he brings up steadiness.  It may prove to be afterward, though.

This does prove to be a dilemma.  It doesn't take much for me, though.  I create them out of thin air.
It, at least, offers another road.  A new one.  I didn't want to cut it off out of fear but considered it an opportunity for expansion and a great change.

We'll see where it leads.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lenormand # 18: The Dog

}  The Lenormand Dog- someone you will meet and see again.  You can be sure they're invested in your success and can count on their experience and words even if it feels you don't live up to them.  They can uncover truths in you that you may not see.  Smart dogs.

Lenormand # 22: The Crossroads

} Crossroads- not always a fork in the road of life.  It quite literally meant an intersection for the day I drew it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Knit Cowls and Tarot Bags

I've worked on these cowls almost every spare moment the last few weeks- at home, quiet moments at the school- no one has seen me without one.  They take a while but once cast on, you can just go.

The new tarot bags were created to make something strong and useful- the perfect size for decks or set of runes.  I love the stitch because it makes for a sturdy bag and pulls snugly closed.

Remember- in February each of these pieces come with a complimentary mini Lernormand oracle reading.  To get more practice with this deck and to say "thanks".

Forest Mist cowl

} Soft, airy cowls for this warm/cool weather we're having.  Wear them outdoors or indoors to punch up an outfit or keep warm in drafty rooms.

At Stix N Stitches. Montclair, NJ

Knit drawstring tarot bag.
Rustic knit drawstring tarot bag

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free mini oracle readings this February

All through February you can get a complimentary 2 card Lenormand reading with the purchase of anything that isn't a tarot reading.
Just send your question/general concern as a note when checking out.  Include your preference of email or etsy convo.

I've used them a while for myself and want to test drive it for others.

More information on the Lenormand:
Lenormand Oracle cards: Wordpress blog on meanings, layouts and the cards in action
Sylvie Steinbach, author of Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle
Seaqueen cartomancy blog:  Lenormand and tarot cards, spreads, lots of reading play by plays
Idyll's Lenormand blog: Updated daily

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Featured Artist: Crooked Thorne

Welcome Sarah Crooks- metalworker and acid etcher behind CrookedThorne.
And YES to the gemstone rings!  We need to see more in your shop.

CrookedThorne blog
CrookedThorne Facebook

Victorian Monogram necklace

"I love making jewelry and that is the one thing that always remains constant for me, I may stop drawing or painting for awhile, but I am always making jewelry!"

Tell us about yourself 
"I graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration/Fine Art and a minor in Graphic Design. I am also a Certified Bench Jeweler from American Jeweler's Institute.  By day I am the head Graphic Artist for L*Space Swimwear, and I love my job!  I am constantly being inspired by the prints we use in our suits and the color combinations that are used. "
Death Tarot Card cuff

"Metal-smithing is something that is relaxing and challenging at the same time. I feel like I'm constantly problem solving so it's challenging but then there are  those times where I will spend two hours filing a piece of metal to perfection."  

I enjoy the act of creating, so I melt, pour, and roll out my own metal.  I set my own stones, and I design all my marketing materials, logos, web site, ect.  I'm not a control freak, but I look at Crooked Thorne as my ultimate art project and so I like to do as much of it myself as I possibly can. My line has a dark gypsy theme and I specialize in acid etching tarot cards onto sterling silver.  It's a challenge because each one turns out differently but that is part of the fun!

Do you offer anything besides product?

I love doing custom design work, so if someone has a special request I love to work with them and create something unique and special.

What have you learned as a seller?

Men's Devil tarot card cuff
I think that as organized as possible is the best tip I could recommend.  And having a system for keeping all your paperwork in order makes dealing with the year-end duties much easier and manageable.

Also, just networking with other artists and picking their brains never hurts either ;)

Any plans for the coming year?

This year I would like to work on a new line of rings which will have precious and semi-precious stones.  I would also like to grow my shop and focus on getting Crooked Thorne out there a little more with my website!

What is inspiring you right now?

Right now I'm being inspired by a lot of patterns that I'm seeing in the swim industry.  I've always had a love for Native American and Mexican jewelry so seeing all these Aztec inspired patterns is pretty exciting. As for a song...I'm going to have to go with anything from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as they are constantly playing in my studio.

*I'm running out of people to blog about! I hunt them down as fast as possible but can't always find the best matches for this site.  If you have someone in mind, a favorite shop, or you yourself want to be featured send me a line on Facebook or Etsy.

Also of interest...