Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Pucker tarot pouch

I've named this design "Pucker" for the cute way the sides puff out from the pouch.

Knit with a soft and sturdy linen blend in a beautiful blue, Pucker will keep your cards easily at hand on your desk or while traveling. Just a wind of the cord and they're ready for work. It's perfect for a well-loved deck with a worn box or to embellish your treasured collection.

Pucker pouch
at Moonthrall

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gris tarot wrap

A new wrap is up at etsy.

The Gris tarot wrap
cotton wrap with silk tie cord

Pictured with the Russian Tarot
of St Petersburg
by Yury Shakov

Our 1st Tree

My sister and I decided on a traditional European theme for our tree, complete with wooden matryoshkas and clanging bells. We wanted Russian but somehow ended up with some Finnish thrown in.
We put a lot of stuff on there- felt garland (Made in China), straw ornaments (made in China!), wooden animals (made in China), dolls (China), stars (China).
The hell with Kmart. If it weren't for China, we wouldn't afford Christmas.

All lit up

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy Collection: Tarot

A small sampling of etsy's tarot world.

Black Lily deck
by LouchLab

Tea and Tarot perfume oil

Undine tarot bag
by babastudioPrague

Sunday, November 9, 2008

5 Card General Tarot Spread

I came up with a solid multipurpose spread. You can check the coming week, see how something will progress, or do a plain general reading.

Cards 1-3
Like any 3 card layout these can be used in many ways:past/present/future, positive/overview/neg, etc. 

Card 4AdviceI like to do proactive readings. How do you get from point a to b? What can I actually do to stop x or y from sucking so much?

Card 5Changes and Opportunities This can back the future card up or be a specific event the person can take advantage of.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our New Kitten!

A couple nights ago, my sister and I are parked in a lot, off a dark street. This totally feels like a drug deal, I lamely point out. The nice animal shelter lady has told us to meet her that evening to score a new kitten.

Thankfully, Koi wasn't adopted already. We spotted her the night before, on a volunteer kitty petting trip. She was the teeniest one and in a cage with her two bigger brothers. She sat by herself in the corner, in a little ball with two big eyes looking at us.

We brought her home the next night. Buddha is a bit pissed, but he's used to being the man of the house. So now we have him and Pixie, since she's small as hell, has big pointy ears and a little bell on her collar. Don't let her size fool you, she's a napalm factory.

Disapproving kitty disapproves

Kitty's first bath

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forest Fae Corset Handwarmers

My newest creation, the Forest Fae handwarmers, are now in my etsy shop. They're wool and silk, very warm, cabled, laced up on the sides, flare out at the fingers....about everything you could want in something classy but can be worn for many different looks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the Works: Tarot Wraps

Now for my own work- I'm working on designs for tarot wraps and pouches. Next there's spread clothes. I've got a hank of pale yellow silk that would look amazing with cards all over it. But for you tarot readers or those interested in my work, here's what I made so far.

Diamante wrap
Egyptian cotton
now at etsy

Bamboo Clutch
being reworked
appearing soon on
moonthrall etsy

Keep it Close wrap
cotton + acrylic
just sold
more appearing soon

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zombie sweaters from Jersey

I had this sweater I boldly started without a pattern....over a year ago. It's been sitting boxed up on a shelf, knitted up to the shoulders but in such a completely crappy fashion that starting at the armpits I had one of my "Whatever, this'll work" moments. Famous last words.
But, finding a very easy formula in Custom Knits for a top down raglan, I grabbed the extra balls I had, ripped the old sweater, and started a completely new one. Yes, this tomb of magick formulae hath summoned forth said zombie from Khlozhet Shehulf.

Seriously, here it is.

This one won't show rightside up fo' nothing.

So yeah, my first sweater! Needs weaving, blocking, sewing up some seams.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy Collection: Autumn

I'm enjoying putting these together. The browsing, finding the right pieces, seeing all this amazing work. Then telling sellers and posting their work. But it does mean darker and colder days and less time to stroll under the setting sun and rising moon. But you get to look at cool stuff so here's Autumn.

Playing in the Leaves notecards
by StoriesDivinations

Autumns Bliss ring
by becomeinspired

Merino Sock Yarn in Autumn

Envy print

Autumn necklace

by neawear

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Margarettown Tarot Spread of Self Discovery

This is based on one of my favorite books by Gabrielle Zevin.  It's a narrative about a woman who falls in love and introduces her fiance to her "family". 

All the women live in a house, Margaron, in the town, Margarettown. They're all named Margaret Towne. The women and girls are really different ages of the same women, Old Margaret, the original. They're waiting to be freed and live their own lives out. 

The book is amazing, touched me the way almost no books do. It's not a chick book, so don't worry about the love story part. It's short but deep. Read it.

Here's the spread.


1. The Well: Some secret/experience you had to go through to be who you are now
2. Margaron: Present/ lesson/ limit/ "curse"
3. May: Inner child, what continues to bring you joy, how you seem youthful
4. Mia: Surly teenager, youthful hopes/fantasies
5. Maggie: What you've experienced so far, what people admire most about you
6. Greta: Your shadow, what breaks you apart, what has to go
7. Marge: What will fulfill your unmet desires
8. Old Margaret: How you are wise, what brings balance
9. Porch Light: Crosses Margaron, what lights your way
10. N.: Maggie's fiance and narrator, what/ who will complete you 

        or make a powerful, lasting change
11. Jane: What great + lasting things will you create or will inspire you

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Etsy Collection: Summer

Since I can't wait around for a treasury spot, I thought I'd do mini treasuries of items from etsy based on a theme. This week's is Summer.

Carnival Colors
by Gothicrow

The Original Pink Cupcake Trifle
by PinkCupcakes5

Black Eyed Susan

by viewfinder

Marjolaine Coral Rose & Amazonite necklace
by candysart

Sea Glass soap

by karenssoaps

I'll keep scouring etsy for more pieces. Keep checking for
an opportunity to have your work shown and for new mini treasuries to ogle!

Hurricane Who?

So there's a whole pack of storms coming up the East coast. We're supposed to get high winds and heavy rain over the next couple days. We have plenty of candles, flashlight....pretty much it.
Stay safe everyone.

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