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Start your exploration of tarot card meanings, tarot reading tips and spiritual & life work here.  This is what I've learned (though to me it really isn't much) and I hope you're willing to share your knowledge.



Tarot Journal

Some of my favorite readings- for inspiration, and to show you what I do.  These were done for myself and friends from around the internet.  Only the cards drawn and interpretations are included, to keep them vague and protect privacy.  But you'll see how the cards are woven together with sparks of intuition!

Card Meanings

The Tarot Spotter's Handbook 
Updated regularly
Experiences with Tarot Cards and how observation expands their meaning.

The Lenormand Spotter's Handbook
Updated regularly

Original Tarot Spreads

The Spheres Tarot Spread
The Will & Won't Tarot Spread
5 Card All Purpose Tarot Muffin!
The Margarettown Tarot Spread 
Self discovery based on one of my favorite books by Gabrielle Zevin.

Lark's Daily Spread
An easy spread for everyday journaling, created by a fellow Aeclectic Tarot member.

Relaxing and Recharging Sounds

Singing Bowl Playlist
My favorite Tibetan and crystal bowls to calm.

Practical and soothing meditations to manifest by Daniela

Spiritual and Magickal Work

Working with Saint Expedite
Prosperity Magick: Our Witches of Etsy team thread on personal
practices for attracting wealth and success
Friday Night Prosperity

Tarot Book & Deck Reviews

The Bohemian Gothic deck and book

Favorite Websites

Rune Soup
Aeclectic Tarot

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