Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsy Collection: The Book I

...Or maybe "Book I: The Journal" would be more fitting. A small sample of the wonderful handmade blank books etsy sellers have to offer.

Portia Journal
by immortallongings

Discover, painted fabric journal

Recycled pages journal, Chicory
by spacedogstudios

Deep red leather journal
by MyHandboundBooks

Liber Draconis Grimoire
by gildedquill

Dragonfly mini leather journal
by BindMe

Steampunk journal
by gothcupcake

I've realized the vastness of what's considered a book and will continue this series: art books, zines, photo books, sketchbooks, etc. As always comments here and to the sellers are appreciated.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tarot Guidance Reading

I borrowed the Charlotte Mason spread from Tarotdame's blog and put it to use in a guidance reading for tarot.

The Bohemian Gothic tarot

Something to Think About
5 of Cups

How am I hard on myself or feel unfulfilled at reading? At the same time, am I working on them properly? I'm hard on myself when I miss the mark in a reading- when people are confused over a card or feel it doesn't really help. I feel I won't get anywhere as a reader if I can't do X amount of readings a day. My reading stamina needs to be built up. Or when I don't offer fun, novel types of readings with different decks. I just offer whatever people would like to be read on with whatever deck I feel like using. Haha, seems sort of apathetic but it's organic at the same time- it leaves room for things to grow out of it, whatever the querent needs to know.
I do think variety would liven things up and look to the Queen of Wands in this deck as the embodiment of crazed liveliness hehe. She's all glammed up, doing her thing and doesn't give a damn! She was the bottom card when the deck was cut.

Something to Do
6 of Swords

This seems to speak on the continuation of my tarot experience. I also pulled the 2 of Swords + 10 of Pentacles to explain. These are the physical choices to be made- each one changing the course of the experience. Or it could mean the One Big One- will I become a pro? All choices are then made from that decision.

Something to Love
4 of Swords

This is time away from normality that tarot brings. I'm alone with the cards and with someone's concern but am tapping into infinite wisdom.
It's also the flexibility of reading- I do have the freedom to choose how many readings to do- tarot usually fits in with any schedule.

I'm always surprised at how much comes out of a reading, or anything, after you start writing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deck Review: Bohemian Gothic

Designed by Karen Mahony
Ill. by Alex Ukolov
Published by Magic Realist Press

This is my most recent acquisition. I ordered it from work last summer and haven't had the chance to really use it and get into it, but like some of my others it'll probably grow on me after a while. Here's what I've gotten from it so far.

Comparing it to the Victorian Romantic (whose artwork put me off at first because they differ so much from card to card), the BG is borderless and the scenes expansive. They feel real and the lighting, coloring and styles are pretty consistent. You can feel night coming on in the bluish tinge of dusk many of them have.

That realness is from photographs- some with the handtinted look of antique portraits. Like the pair of little children on the 6 of Cups, holding flowers and standing in front of a grave. Who's? The framed picture on the grave's cross features the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus- probably their mother. A charming vignette.

It's easy to go deeper or psychological with these to see what currents run underneath the reading. But some can be inspiring or just fill you with lunatic giddiness- I thought of my business's name, Moonthrall, by drawing some cards.

Some of my favorite cards will illustrate the macabre and sometimes humorous feel of this deck

The Queen of Wands. A striking card- her bright rose colored gown pops out from the gloomy ballroom. The large room with the chandelier reminds me of the Crystal Room at college, where we had concerts and gatherings. She looks like she's having fun dancing alone.

The 7 of Cups woman has an indulgent, mischievous grin on her face- holds a beautiful glass of red "wine" and strands of dark pearls and gazes up at the full moon.

The 4 of Wands. Three women hang out in their yard at night and look very happy to see you. Almost too happy. Hey, I like going for walks at night, too.

The 2 of Cups. Like a scene from the Munsters- a nice distant cousin is courting the "normal" one. What with his slicked back hair and shiny button up boots, he's a catch.

And the Knight of Wands just reminds me of the hunchbacked cousin from Adams Family Values- the one Wednesday has to dance with. The old formal getup, creepy gaze and red bouffant must do it.

Much of this deck is RWS based, but all offer other ways of going in completely different directions. Through the imagery and overall feel, you'll have many opportunities to see things you wouldn't in any other deck. Like a horrified skeletal man who may have just realized he's entombed in a catacomb. Oops.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Etsy Collection: The Dress

The latest etsy collection features dresses in many styles, colors, occasions and eras. The offerings are huge so this is my biggest etsy blog ever! If something catches your eye, heart 'em and convo 'em.

Pigeoni T shirt dress
by sweetbabu

Flapper style dress

The Juliana dress
by missbrache

Gray Sparrow dress
by Makool

Fairytale Princess wedding gown
by battyazac

The Marilyn dress

Silk Peasant dress

by lauri090978

I'm hunting for pieces to put in the next collection: The Book. Hand bound journals, art books...if you have something hearted or in your shop that you would like to see included, leave a comment! Thanks for reading and check back next week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trying the Runes

I picked up a set of runes to use in my divination class (for Harry Potter night). I haven't worked with them for myself and after reading a post on pairing them with tarot, I was intrigued.
I'm feeling lucky today, more optimistic than I've felt in a while so I drew three for myself:

I used the book that came with the kit- Rune Wisdom by Jonathan Dee. Jon Dee? Really?
And I can hear some of you cringing at the mention of "kit".

What's Leaving My Life
Isa, rune of danger
Like crossing an icy river, I was unsure many times where I was going or if I'd completely fail and have to move back- literally.
Can also be a period of 7 months- we moved here in July, which was 7 months ago.

Othila, rune of authority
This may be the appearance of someone to give me what I"ve been needing- a job! The interviewers and company are that authority. It feels beneficial though, like something stepping in to help.

How Life Will Change
Eihwaz, rune of progress
Well wonderful. I'll move on from that unsteady ice patch- also coincides with the seasons. It's winter now, but the job I have my eye on doesn't open until March. Just that has made me a little shaky about it since I'm not "officially" hired and don't want to turn down other opportunities for this but this points in a good direction. This process just needs to get moving so I have an idea of where I stand with them.

Very solid, meaningful reading. Yeah I was reading from the book but they came across clear- the way runes always do I guess.
Me likey. Guess I have another area to study. Should knit them a better bag, not this crinkly fake velvet number.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Throw

It's the night of the full moon. I pulled some cards this morning- I've pursued a few job prospects and wanted to know if anything was coming up.

Deck: Russian Tarot of St Petersburg
Spread: Daily Overview by lark

**Role/Best Approach**

1. Work: 8 of Coins
There are walk in interviews going on in town, and I got a reply this week to attend one after sending two inquiries. I was in a should I/shouldn't I frame today, but this let me know today would be a good day.

2. Home: Queen of Coins
Another coins card- reinforces the 8, maybe do a little work with the full moon tonight? Hey, I'm working on my blog now aren't I?

3. Unexpected: 3 of Cups
The interview did go well- the guy I talked to was very friendly, didn't expect me to explain everything on my resume in detail, gave me some info to go over so I'm more informed when they follow up.

4. Best Approach: Judgment
The full meaning of this didn't hit me until I was walking home- uphill! This- working in a kids' environment- is not something I saw myself doing. The jobs I was applying for were secretary/receptionist/retail mostly. This is more dynamic.
Yes, there's work with kids involved. Have I done that before? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes, once I realized they're not going to throw things at me or stare at me with their arms folded. Especially during Harry Potter night when I had my cards spread out trying to come up with amusing, mystical one liners for their draw.
Their products sound cool- no light up, screaming garbage to listen to- and I may have opportunities to do artsy things with them.

5. Overview: Page of Swords
Hm...right now, I can only see this as taking the step to go and meet with the interviewers.
I did get some lovely incense while I was there, so that's cool.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review: Russian Tarot of St Petersburg


*Illustrated by Yury Shakov
*Copyright US Games Systems, Inc. 1992
*RWS based

This is my first deck.
These babies came along during my first impressionable time as a tarot novice. They're nice and broken in now after almost 4 years. The gold is a bit worn along the edges but they're smooth to shuffle and spread.

In the box, which features a black cover with metallic silver borders and title, is a full deck of 78 cards, an LWB written by Stuart Kaplan, title card and artist bio. The cards themselves are smaller than some I have (4.5 in long x 2.5 in wide); not as long as Lo Scarabeo decks and thin enough to get a good grip on them. They are stunning.

Suits are cups, swords, coins, and clubs- which are appropriate for no nonsense Russian peasants. There is really no distinction made as to the elements of the swords and clubs so you can read them either way. Strength and Justice are labeled VIII and XI.
The LWB has a couple paragraphs on the artist, Yury Shakov, and full list of upright and reversed meanings for each card. The Majors are also accompanied by a description of the scene and many reference Russian history and culture.



Each card has large, clear wording at the bottom and majors have their Roman numeral at the top. An intricate border of flowers surrounds the center picture in an oval which isn't distracting at all. Each of the suit's objects appear at the top two corners and bordes are metallic gold.


The background on the entire card is black, which makes everything really pop. Illustrations themselves are not lost among everything; they're bright and detailed but never garish. You can pick out each pearl on a woman's bracelet, each jewel on the cups, each pattern on a dress. It's noted that Shakov painted them in actual size and at times worked with a single-haired brush. Yikes!

I've gotten some strong intuitive readings with this deck- feelings, a couple visions here and there. People also factor highly with these strong cards. You can usually tell when a court is someone you know!
Highly recommended for all levels- pips are illustrated and intuitive readers will pull a lot out of the images and black background.

In which I get thrown through a window

Another weird dream of note-
I was in a lab- cinder block walls- being shown this length of windows. On the other side, far below in a large room, were big round pools of liquid. Holding tanks. They had length of cords or tracks with electrical currents running through them. I forgot what the liquid was or what it was for- something nefarious I remember.

The lab guy I was with at one point pushed me through the glass and I fell down into one of the tanks.

I don't remember what happened, but later I was with at least one other guy- touring the place, just looking at the aftermath. I guess whatever went on in there was discovered. Before that, in the lab, there was a guy there- looked like Triple H! It may have been him even. Either I or someone else was being attacked by him. He punched the wall behind them, leaving a very high, damaging crater in it.

So this guy comments on what was left. I looked at it- I was standing on a landing in front of those windows. There was a dent with long cracks running along the wall, above this guy's head. The height made it seem like a giant left it.

"This guy must've been over 6'3''!" he exclaimed. Now that's not an incredible height now that I'm thinking of it, but we were in awe then.

"He was." I replied.

Now I wasn't in a situation to know that- we were there to look at the place- weren't directly involved with the lab. But I realized I'd been there. Then I wondered to myself- what happened to me after falling though that glass? What did that tank do to me? I saw in my mind the punch that damaged the wall.

A lot of the dreams last night centered around that lab- and the stairs leading down to it.

In another dream, we were running- down stairs. Lots of them. We were escaping something, and there was an exit there. There were other people too. I think I had some family with me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Expanding the reading pool

I just joined the American Tarot Association. Tried to log in as a reader. Sent an email asking for my sn and password. Realized there's a separate application for free readers. Am now waiting for an email about how to begin using the networks.

Being dense: About 10 minutes and a wasted email

Reading experience: Priceless?
Actually, $10.

Etsy Collection: Cuteness!

I was going through my etsy faves and noticed a good number of cuddly and colorful pieces. Maybe it's wishing for spring when I can go for night walks again, but these are the latest collection of search-stopping etsy work. Get twitterpainted!

Po and Ms. Tweety
by tadworks

Little Sparrows

by ingie

Lapin de Lune
by loulouandoscar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Self Reading: Tarot check-in

So I got it in my head that I want to be a pro tarot reader. 
I plan to:

*read at least 3 times daily, with maybe a day off every week

*offer readings on different forums, myspace, aim, and on this blog!
*here's the fun part: face to face readings. Everyone swears by them and I've done them before. Back when both my deck and myself were new, even a few months ago to test out a new WS. People left with that *smacked over the head* look when I was a newbie. There's plenty of cafes and things I could read at so...

Ah, as for this topic, I drew some cards to see where I am with reading and what it will bring this year.

Victorian Romantic: 1, 2 & 3 in a pyramid shape. Because the numbers won't publish where I left them!

1. What I Need to Work On
9 of Swords: The paranoia! How will I read for strangers (I do on the forums but they're a different kind of stranger. They're tarot sympathizers. They know the deal.)
My hopes of becoming a pro probably clash with how things are going- take a more zen approach. Set goals along the way and grow as a reader.

2. What I Do Well
Hanged Man: I realize the insane amount of responsibility a pro has- the good ones anyway. You're not just reading cards. There's the interaction- the human side. Sometimes they're just there to hear from the cards. Some want answers NOW. Or an excuse.
There's the business side. Promoting, marketing, clients.
Working at your craft- strengthening your skills and adding new ones. I have a bag of runes picked up before Harry Potter night when I was freaking out over being the divination teacher. Reiki, healing, crystals...they're all available as part of what you offer. If you're good enough.
But I believe this is realizing your part as a reader. 

3. Tarot's Part This Year
6 of Swords: Take things as they come- tarot is definitely part of my life. Let's see where I can take it this year....

Also of interest...