Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Code of Ethics

I am not a fortune teller- this goes against how I believe tarot works. The future is made up of your efforts and outside circumstances, not absolute fate.
Many times a reading will clarify and bring to people a new perspective; easing worry, solving problems and offering knowledge to help them along their path.

I have the best interests of clients in mind and offer professional, confidential readings without judgment.

My goal is to interpret what I see and feel; not how I would go about things nor offer specific advice. Readings are about you- telling you what to do is not my part nor would I agree to give such information. What you do with knowledge received from readings is entirely up to you.

I suggest no more than one reading every 3 months or so and may refuse reading for those who constantly ask for them. They are not offered so people can become dependent on them.

I will answer questions about the reading either by going over certain parts again or drawing a few more cards, within reason. Most of the time what's in front of you is all there is to know and drawing more cards or repeating readings is overkill.

I do not offer past life/karmic readings as such, but will provide information from readings regarding these subjects if they come up. They've popped up a couple times and I'll relay this to you.

I won't read for third parties: lots of times other people will show up in readings if they are directly involved with you and that's fine. You need to know what's up with them. But asking about someone's private life, thoughts or actions won't be read for.

All rates are posted in my etsy shop & blog. I will not push additional readings, add-ons or extra fees on you.

Readings are confidential unless I believe you are harmful to yourself or others.
I am not a therapist, doctor or legal expert. If you have mental or health issues you need help with, please contact the appropriate service. I can only offer so much in the way of readings. Take care of yourself.

You must be 18 + to request a reading.

You may request a refund if the reading really isn't accurate or doesn't resonate with you. Please take 3 days to let it sink in- some things need time to be mulled over.


I hope that clears up some things for you and provides reassurance that I take reading seriously as a professional, but offer my own reading experience and sense of humor. I look forward to hearing from you!


Celtic Cross

Every reader has their own version of the CC.
The spread I like to use is inspired by Tarot: Theory & Practice by Ly de Angeles. It's the 10 card Celtic Cross layout paired with a 3 card "key"- illuminating part of the reading or providing a little extra something about what you need to know.

This reading is $20.

Your reading will be sent within 48 hours and includes:
*A digital pic of your layout, attached as a jpg
*A clear rundown of your reading with card positions and interpretation within the email itself
*You have the opportunity to ask about parts of the reading that weren't clear

Please include your first name + email you want the reading sent to. You may request a general reading or a situation you want to focus on. Email me at

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mini readings that hit the spot

I love doing little 3 card readings- you can just slap the cards down and read 'em. They fit almost any situation and tell you what you need to know.
You can email me at to request one or check out my etsy shop, Moonthrall.

Mini muffins are priced at $5 a pop!

More to come!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Featured Artist: Klosti

About Connie
"I come from a large Greek family with many talented tailors and seamstresses. I sew to make clothing, gifts and items for my home and for my friends and always find great enjoyment and relaxation when I'm in my studio."

Explain your craft and where you get ideas
"I always stick to simple and classic designs/styles with a modern twist, they seem to best represent my aesthetic. Currently, I'm enjoying the challenge of using what I have to create new/upcycled items."

Do you offer customers anything beyond a product?
"I have been sewing for almost 40 (ack!!) years making everything from quilts to wedding dresses. I take great pride in the quality of my materials and sewing. Currently, through convo, I also offer my Etsy customers the ability to contact me with special requests for color and/or theme for dish towel dresses."
How have you grown as a seller?

"I got into selling a little over a year ago. One of my friends signed me up for a local craft fair and dared me to join Etsy. Even though it was hard at first, I have really been enjoying it! The best advise I can give it to read all that you can and to ask questions. I have learned so much from other crafters!"

Your plans for this year?
"For this year I plan on participating in more local craft fairs and expanding the items I sell on Etsy. I have so many dish towel scraps and will soon have some great new items coming to my shop!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heading Home

I'm going home (again this week!) for a family thing so I won't be around to answer requests or questions until after the weekend.
Please enjoy yours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Featured Artist: Whiteserenade

First fs honors go to D. Elizabeth of whiteserenade
on etsy.
Below is a little something to get readers to know her
better & send some lovin to her shop!

D. Elizabeth, Southern Cali
Wife & mother with two shops

Your craft/ideas:
", graphic design, stained glass, mixed media paintings and paper mache..."
"...I have a passion for graphic design and reclaiming and repurposing materials."
"...I have several things that I haven't even put on Etsy. Just not enough time to get all the photos done. But more soon."

Do you offer customers anything besides a product?

"I donate some of my profits to they provide clean blood and clean water for those in need. "

How have you grown as a seller/what tips have you learned?

"I've changed my store name 2 times and each time I feel like i'm starting over. So try not to change your store name."

What are your plans for this year?

"Just keep crafting, junking and creating. I'm so blessed. I thank God everyday for allowing me to work at home and be a mom to my kids."

Buy Handmade

Monday, May 18, 2009

Makeover + New readings

So I've made new graphics for my shop and other blog, TiptheTable, and should get to work on this one. New graphics as well and a clearer page for readings.

I've gotten back in touch with the Celtic Cross so that will be added to readings. Along with a batch of smaller ones.

If you would like to request a reading, check out the spreads I offer or we can come up with something. Email me at


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mount Beacon Fine Art

Check out Mount Beacon Fine Art in Beacon, NY. Exhibiting new and local artists.

Jerimiah Lawrence

Tang Thing
Jerimiah Lawrence

For more info + inquiries about exhibiting, contact:
Eileen McTiernan
Gallery Director
(845) 765- 0214

155 Main St.
Beacon, NY 12508

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Favorites II

Yeah- So I like this mixed format.
I always have new items hearted so this gives you all a way to discover sellers + their work.

Leave comments, heart sellers!

Monty the Lemon
Meringue Pie Kitty
by bobbin4apples

The Zipper Carnival Ride
art photo
by thestapeliacompany

w Truck and New Legs

by DuttonArt

Sexy Stacks rings
by BeadinBabe

In Touch Clutch
by downstairsDesigns

Carrie necklace part deux

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Rings in the Works

Here's what I'm working on:

New blog + etsy banners, avs and post
header designs so they have a more uniform,
streamlined look.
I want to introduce some new stuff and keep
everything looking like they belong together.

Tweaking photos-going for a modern, tarnished film

Wire wrapped rings. These are fun as hell to
make, as witnessed by all these pretty shiny

Mint potato pearl
on bronze colored

Gold pearls + glass
beads on silver

beads + pearl
on silver wire

Purple frosted glass
beads on silver wire

Friday, May 8, 2009

Etsy Collection: New Favorites

I went through my newest favorites for this one.
It's a mix of categories, so you have jewelry, art, body + accessories.
All to check out in one spot!

Oddly, it still has an organic, earthy feel.

Nantucket wrap
by JewelrybyBrett

Vintage Forestry Wallet
from AngryButterfly

Organic Lavender Hemp
lip balm
by jewelalchemy

Laundry Day print
by sixhours

Blue Plaid Vivienne bag

Good Time ring
by yellowgoat

Leave comments, heart the sellers!

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