Saturday, July 28, 2012

Simple Daily Tarot Spread by Lark

This is a simple layout I found years ago.  My early journal is filled with these- but didn't always go back to write about events of the day.  You might want to devote some time at the end of the day to do so.
Credit goes to Lark for creating this!

Great for

*starting your day
*expanding card knowledge through daily observation

The Reading

Work can be your actual job, errands, hobbies, side jobs.  All the "stuff" you need to work on.  Mental and emotional, too.

Home is where you centered; your living space, people around you.

Unexpected can be a random occurrence or something coming to light you haven't noticed before.  Think of the 4 of Cups or Tower.

Your role can be how all these effect you or how you can best react to them.

Overview is how everything will tie up together or be resolved.

You can see it looks like part of the Celtic Cross.  

So another way to read this would be two lines: horizontal and vertical.

The vertical line (cards 1, 5, and 2) can be a little timeline.  Recent past or what is receding, the present, near future.

The horizontal line (cards 3, 5 and 4) can be read as something appearing you are unconscious of, the present at is exists, and the foundation or something you are conscious of.  A bit more metaphysical.

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