Handmade Rune Sets

Runes are an old Norse alphabet, from the times of the Vikings.  They are a form of communication, of both human language and that of the gods.

I began my study of runes in the summer several years ago.  I was Divination Professor for Harry Potter Night.  We recreated Hogwarts at our bookstore and I searched the shelves for something to add to the class.  Runes, along with tarot and crystal divination.

Since then, I have used them in magickal writing, divination, sigils.  I can write my own name in Runic.

You can purchase clay Elder Futhark sets in my shop or read about how I make them below.
Flora clay rune set

My first set was made from a strong, light clay.  The letters were pressed into it but I saw that carving may be better.
About the process

Each disc is handrolled and shaped.
Into the oven they go

}  Fresh baked goodness

Runes are pigmented {

Each rune is then painted.  
I choose colors based on mood, look or the energy.  Rune readers, and many diviners, have their favorites when they read.

Now comes the fun part.
Beginning with Fehu all the way to Othila, each symbol is carved into one side.  They are kept in order.
I have messed up carving more than once, having to rewet the disc to make again.

Russet rune set
The "distressing".
It looks pretty cool.  They look weathered and the scratches stand out on the metallic shimmer of the paint.

Almost complete, they are put aside together with the intent to share their wisdom with the best person.  I keep them now in origami paper boxes until sending them out.

You are getting days of craftsmanship in a beautiful set to use and learn from.

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