Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tarot Reading Giveaway

In the spirit of this crazy month of October and all the harvest festivals going on, here's a contest for a complimentary reading.  Your choice: 3 Card, 5 Card or Celtic Cross. 
Read more about each one on The Reading Page.

The winner will be chosen by number generator next Sunday, 10/18.

Comment on this post for your 1st entry.
For additional entries:
*follow this blog
*follow my other blog, tipthetable
*fan Moonthrall on FB
*join my FB tarot group

Make sure you post again for each one you completed.
So you see, there's something for everyone!  Now go buy yourself a pie.


Sharyn said...

Hey Lovey, saw your post @ AT, I never could resist an ATer's link :)

Your page looks so clean and neat, good job!

JadenKun said...

It's not a fair contest if there's only one entry. Consider the playing field levelled. :3

~Jaden-San via the AC forums

AnnaS said...

Lovely website!

Anna at Aeclectic Tarot.

SvetlanaK said...

*I'm posting this for Allison, another ATer, who was unable to comment for some reason.*

SvetlanaK said...

I just put in 4 entries at and came up with....#1!

AJ, you win! Congratulations.
Thanks to the other 3 people for taking interest in this- I'd like to do some more and will keep you all posted.

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