Thursday, December 3, 2009

Featured Artist: MamaLovePerfume

I love this shop- it has an awesome range of blended oils with a healing kick.  And a cute little babushka lady.
Read up on Sheryl and buy/heart/convo as always.

"I'm a spiritual counselor, healer and flower essence practitioner (as well as an artist and published author)."

Your crafts & ideas
"I make a line of spiritually-guided flower essence aromatherapy perfumes and body/bath/massage oils that are organic, 100% natural, and Reiki-infused. My first product was called Mama Love for Troubled Times and the formula was guided to me when I was in a crisis of my own. It was wonderful! I couldn't stop crying at the time and it never failed to soothe me. Then I started to give it to anyone else in need of comfort and love and they all wanted to know if I sold it so they could buy some more. That's how my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy business was formed. I now make 12-15 formulas (depending on the time of year). All of them are for healing purposes, some are mostly for fun, but they're all called Mama Love."
Do you offer customers anything besides a product?
"Services, a good cause, years of crafting experience, special expertise, etc...

My partner Paul and I do a spiritual counseling and healing practice which you can find out more about at On my Etsy site I offer spiritual consultation in relationship to the products I sell for those who want help in picking the perfect ones."

How have you grown as a seller & what tips have you learned?
"A lot of what I learned came from other people on the Forums so my first words of advice would be to participate in the community there and read everything you can! I think the most useful things have been to have better photographs, more detailed descriptions, to link to my shop in my blog and on Facebook, and to make friends who appreciate what I do."
Plans for the coming year?
"My partner Paul and I are starting another Etsy shop for our art and photography ( We plan to start putting things up this year but it takes time to photograph and get everything up. We're intending to get our work and Mama Love into more retail shops. And -- if everything goes well -- I might have a new book out. (We're looking for a literary agent and publisher now.) "

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