Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How I Read

How do readers go about their thing and what can tarot do for me?
People looking around for a reading want to know what each reader offers them. And how does it work anyway?

This is how I do what I do.
A person (that's you!) can point a specific question or an area of life they want to know more about. Or they can ask for a general reading which are fun in themselves.
After I understand what information you need, decks and layouts come into play. Each deck has its own voice and I find some share their "expertise" better with certain readings:
St Pete's is good for mundane matters
Victorian Romantic for relationships
The Visconti runs the whole gamut
The Waite Smith for precise, practical concerns.

I generally use a few standard spreads but switch up position meanings to suit the individual (you again). The old 3- card standby is used for anything you can imagine:
Other Person/You/Relationship

There's a 5- card spread I like, especially useful for general readings:

Past, Present, Future topped off with Advice and Future Opportunities.
Like all other spreads, positions can change according to your needs.

Once the cards are laid, the magic happens.
Interpret and communicate. Readers learn to shut up and look (or listen) to the cards and tell you what they see. I look for issues coming from the past, what's effecting the present and how circumstances will likely unfold. Who are you interacting with and how do they influence you? What will happen from choosing blah as opposed to blave. [/Princess Bride reference.]

I look for patterns, feelings and possibilities and relay them all to you as clearly as possible. I try to provide you with clarity and proactive choices- a "heads up"- so you're left with direction, wisdom and hope. I strive for that as a reader and hopefully can offer that to all I throw the cards for.

Yep. That's what I do, broken down in one blog post.
Keeps things down to earth. Please drop me a line if there is anything else you'd like to know.
As always, you control what you do with the clarity you gain.

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