Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday Night Prosperity

I do a little something each Friday after work for prosperity.  It's usually a small candle ritual, prosperity and inspiration incense, being thankful for enjoying the week.  When I remember, I dump out the purse and wallet, collect coins and pile up leftover cash.

 This is brief- I do not go into detail but share a few easy things that I like doing and find to work.

Build a Prosperity Bottle

For general financial wellbeing or focus on your business(es).

*plate or dish
The dollar store sells mirrors and glass plates for candles.  Garden shops have terra cotta bottoms for pots- these also make good incense burners if you add sand.

*wealth or attraction incense
For stability or guidance, especially if you're unsure about wealth, I've felt that tree derived materials like pine help. 
*herbs/stones/symbols of prosperity and success
*wealth oils of your choice
*small glass bottle
*candles in green, orange or yellow

Get some incense going and take a minute to think about what you want to attract.  You want to attain wealth and ease in work, business, jobs, whatever you do.  You want a steady stream of income using your skills and doing work you enjoy.  You want a happy, prosperous home and to provide for those around you.  This is not done to win the lottery.

Put together the bottle in the way you would like.  Set it on top of petitions, business cards or other papers you identify with ways prosperity flows to you.  Put all this on the dish, surround with the items you've collected.  I have mine on the dresser corner closest to my door so it's easy to see.

Easy Prosperity Oil Burner
A no brainer.  This combines candle work with scent.

Get a little oil burner.  Fill the top bowl like you'd normally do but add oils to compliment the work you're doing.  Carve and dress a tealight to put at the bottom to pair with the oil.

When I use a wealth oil up top, I carve runes and dress the candle with alkanet, cinnamon, etc.

Be sure to watch it- the oil will start popping and splatter when the water evaporates.  Herbs may catch fire- don't add much.

Clear Out Your Purse & Wallet
Besides being practical, you'll want to collect leftover
coins and cash if you keep these in a dish.

Throw out receipts you don't need, parking meter
tickets, wrappers, whatever.  I put the coins in a
ceramic angel gifted to me in high school.  Cash
goes in a pile on top of another dish.
Be thankful for this money and the things it
bought, even with all the receipts you get rid of.

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