Sunday, October 11, 2009

Handknit Tarot Wraps + Bags

Here's a sampling of the tarot knits I have on etsy & artfire.
They're designed using my very own decks, using natural yarns and blends.  I've come up with sturdy drawstring bags, original pouches and wraps- all made with fellow readers in mind.
If there is anything you'd like to request or see more of, leave a comment or email me at

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Rustic Linen tarot wrap
viscose, linen + acrylic

Rustic will hold your favorite deck
until you're ready to read and would
look great by itself on a reading table
or together with the rest of your collection.

Gris tarot wrap
cotton wrap + silk cord

One of my bestsellers,
I only made 2 and they're
both gone!

I have similar styles
made already and will
offer these color
combinations shortly.

Hemp tarot bag
hemp, cotton +

Knit with a soft and sturdy hemp
blend in a beautiful purple gray, this bag
will keep your cards easily at hand on your
desk or while traveling.

Robin bamboo wrap

Bind your cards in soft, robin's egg blue
bamboo with a wind of the cord.

Rustic Linen wrap
viscose, linen + acrylic

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TheNikiProject said...

I don't own any tarot decks but the wraps look good nonetheless! I especially like the natural look of the rustic linen wrap.

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