Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zombie sweaters from Jersey

I had this sweater I boldly started without a pattern....over a year ago. It's been sitting boxed up on a shelf, knitted up to the shoulders but in such a completely crappy fashion that starting at the armpits I had one of my "Whatever, this'll work" moments. Famous last words.
But, finding a very easy formula in Custom Knits for a top down raglan, I grabbed the extra balls I had, ripped the old sweater, and started a completely new one. Yes, this tomb of magick formulae hath summoned forth said zombie from Khlozhet Shehulf.

Seriously, here it is.

This one won't show rightside up fo' nothing.

So yeah, my first sweater! Needs weaving, blocking, sewing up some seams.....

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