Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Margarettown Tarot Spread of Self Discovery

This is based on one of my favorite books by Gabrielle Zevin.  It's a narrative about a woman who falls in love and introduces her fiance to her "family". 

All the women live in a house, Margaron, in the town, Margarettown. They're all named Margaret Towne. The women and girls are really different ages of the same women, Old Margaret, the original. They're waiting to be freed and live their own lives out. 

The book is amazing, touched me the way almost no books do. It's not a chick book, so don't worry about the love story part. It's short but deep. Read it.

Here's the spread.


1. The Well: Some secret/experience you had to go through to be who you are now
2. Margaron: Present/ lesson/ limit/ "curse"
3. May: Inner child, what continues to bring you joy, how you seem youthful
4. Mia: Surly teenager, youthful hopes/fantasies
5. Maggie: What you've experienced so far, what people admire most about you
6. Greta: Your shadow, what breaks you apart, what has to go
7. Marge: What will fulfill your unmet desires
8. Old Margaret: How you are wise, what brings balance
9. Porch Light: Crosses Margaron, what lights your way
10. N.: Maggie's fiance and narrator, what/ who will complete you 

        or make a powerful, lasting change
11. Jane: What great + lasting things will you create or will inspire you

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