Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of Week Lenormand Layout

Happy Saturday everyone.
I did a small Lenormand draw this past Wednesday, 3/28, to see how the week would wrap up.  The events described have begun to pop up so let's see how they match up.

The Woman, at center, was chosen to represent myself.
The preceding two current events or those closer to me.  The following are events happening afterward.

The Bear + Birds are first.
Bear  } steady finances, work, career
Birds } talk about such things, getting another person involved and sharing information

Crossroads } events brought by this other person may cause a dilemma; the crossroads does bring up other opportunities, "fork in the road"
Stork          } also indicates a new road possible, feels this may continue past the weekend

So, had a voicemail about a contract job through an agency on Thursday.  Spoke with her briefly about it that night.  That's the Birds.
A contract job doesn't quite match the Bear- he brings up steadiness.  It may prove to be afterward, though.

This does prove to be a dilemma.  It doesn't take much for me, though.  I create them out of thin air.
It, at least, offers another road.  A new one.  I didn't want to cut it off out of fear but considered it an opportunity for expansion and a great change.

We'll see where it leads.

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