Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lenormand #15: The Bear

}  In response to what may be a problem- lack of planning and keeping track.  Pulled this to answer what may be holding back my business.  
It was paired with the Stars, which talk about success, steering yourself forward and being known.
So I opened up my Excel sale and expense tracker and updated numbers.
Then I kept some workbooks on blogging and marketing open while online.  Need some of that stardust to brush off on Moonthrall.  Let's get the word out!

Thanks for reading - cards will be updated as I go along.
Please share any experiences you've had with certain cards or readings as a comment.


The Witch Emporium said...

That great card :)

SvetlanaK said...

It is- the idea of stable career and finances is really kicking in for me. So this card plays a big role in readings I do for myself.
Thanks for reading!

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