The Tarot Spotter's Handbook

This work is a collection of experiences reading for myself and others, over several years.  You will see how each reading can change the subtle meanings of the cards and be different for everyone.

Sometimes it's as simple as looking at the pictures.  When working with a certain deck, by feel or someone's request, its own pictures can literally be the meaning.

I recently drew the 4 of Cups from the Victorian Romantic deck.  The feeling was that the querent was in an environment with other people, the outcome of which was less than satisfying.

Turned out it was actually a party.

Be open to the feelings each card is shooting you, by itself and in the context of the reading.  Your readings will be much more precise and you will learn more about the way you work with the cards.  And vice versa.

The Major Arcana
The Cups
The Wands
The Swords
The Pentacles

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