Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Tarot Spotter's Handbook: The Cups

**Work in Progress**


when describing an area of concern, this brings up direct relationships
new flowing of creativity or breath of fresh air to something that's been stale

Russian Tarot of St Petersburg

care for something and you will be cared for in return; this can
be another person, an area of your life or specific project

something may be lacking your attention, where can you best
spend it now?







enjoyment in groups, the people are all on a level playing field

three people are involved in a situation
something to celebrate!


focusing on the negative
being surrounded by good things but not being able to see them
showing up in the future- it may show negative preoccupation or a great opportunity; keep your eyes open!


negative attitude, dissatisfaction
a bit gloomier than the 4 of cups, because the cups here *are* overturned and spilled all over the place
you may actually be going through a tough time or recovering from a shock or setback; not all is lost and things will begin to look better


involvement with people you grew up with
sharing with others




dissatisfaction, something is missing
setting out to improve or right a situation alone


productivity; can show the fruits of a busy bee
comfort in surroundings
working with nature


even regarding business, this talks about joy; perfect job or career
highest fulfillment

The Court People

See each character as showing age, stature and movement in life.
Pages tend to stay around home or a job.  They're the messengers and novices.
Knights are older and have more freedom; someone with a car or who otherwise travels.  Either in general or specifically for a job.  Journeymen may describe them, as they are right above pages on the experience level but have the freedom to apply their knowledge in a broader sense.
Queens, not always women, are creators in their realm.  They don't *need* to run themselves all over the place to make a buck.  They're blessed to have what they need right there and the skills at hand.  I've seen queens come up for self employed females and those with strong influence in a situation.  Men also, who showed skill and a great background in their field, who were looking to move up in their career.  
Kings.  The buck stops here.  The head, the authority, someone reaching the pinnacle of their path. 


a child or youth, pet, or someone in an entry level or starting role
very caring, tending to nuture others, just wants what is best and doesn't like to see others upset


a loving person; it seems our dear kitty has come up as the Knight and Page of cups before.  He had a sweet face, large green eyes and was a little snuggler.


a self employed artisan, small/home business owner
someone who puts a great deal of themselves in what they do
a situation best handled sensitively
handling things with tact, perhaps letting it go and seeing how it flows; aggression will make things worse


a loving person
can show a husband, lover or caregiver

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