Monday, January 5, 2009

Self Reading: Tarot check-in

So I got it in my head that I want to be a pro tarot reader. 
I plan to:

*read at least 3 times daily, with maybe a day off every week

*offer readings on different forums, myspace, aim, and on this blog!
*here's the fun part: face to face readings. Everyone swears by them and I've done them before. Back when both my deck and myself were new, even a few months ago to test out a new WS. People left with that *smacked over the head* look when I was a newbie. There's plenty of cafes and things I could read at so...

Ah, as for this topic, I drew some cards to see where I am with reading and what it will bring this year.

Victorian Romantic: 1, 2 & 3 in a pyramid shape. Because the numbers won't publish where I left them!

1. What I Need to Work On
9 of Swords: The paranoia! How will I read for strangers (I do on the forums but they're a different kind of stranger. They're tarot sympathizers. They know the deal.)
My hopes of becoming a pro probably clash with how things are going- take a more zen approach. Set goals along the way and grow as a reader.

2. What I Do Well
Hanged Man: I realize the insane amount of responsibility a pro has- the good ones anyway. You're not just reading cards. There's the interaction- the human side. Sometimes they're just there to hear from the cards. Some want answers NOW. Or an excuse.
There's the business side. Promoting, marketing, clients.
Working at your craft- strengthening your skills and adding new ones. I have a bag of runes picked up before Harry Potter night when I was freaking out over being the divination teacher. Reiki, healing, crystals...they're all available as part of what you offer. If you're good enough.
But I believe this is realizing your part as a reader. 

3. Tarot's Part This Year
6 of Swords: Take things as they come- tarot is definitely part of my life. Let's see where I can take it this year....

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