Saturday, February 28, 2009

Card Pull: Wheel of Fortune + Knight of Wands

I pulled a couple cards for something relevant in my life that I could think and write about. I got the Wheel of Fortune and Knight of Wands.

At a time when I'm living in an apartment and looking for a job, when less than a year ago I was at home and working full time, the Wheel is obviously that change of environment. I no longer have the comforts that back then seemed a drag.

The Wheel can also be the passage of time, bringing about a new set of circumstances and perspective. Which is a good sign since I've had my eye on something for a couple months now. Come to think of it, the place is actually being built and the turning of the wheel can denote progress. Ah, see how much tarot reveals when all the little possibilities build up.

Now the Knight is someone I want to see with the Wheel. He's surrounded by barren desert- nothing- which is how my prospective seems at times. He's headed somewhere- speed, progress, timing that the Wheel brought up- in a definite direction and purpose. I'll see if anything happens that will confirm these.

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