Friday, February 27, 2009

How I Began with Tarot

I got my first deck 4 years ago in a February.
I bought it myself. With a gift card. If you're aware of the myths, it's almost a sin to get your own deck. It must be gifted. And I'm pretty sure plastic-as-currency for such a sacred and esoteric acquisition is right up there. Bull.

Anyway, my interest in all thing occulty goes back to my childhood. I got books on witches, hauntings, vampires, the paranormal and horror from my school library. I'm not sure what some of those books were doing in a grade school come to think of it.

So the fascination has always been there.

In college almost all of my close friends had their own decks. What a coincidence. I saw them in action and needed my own asap. Even the sales guy at that Borders read tarot. I finally decided on the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg and grabbed a beginner's book.

My first readings were done with awe and trembling in my room- stupid questions about crushes I had, a few on my path with tarot in a strange moment of insight. I still have the journal they're all in.

The first readings for others was at a shindig in the art building. I guess I was reading for friends, had my cards with me like a toy poodle. A couple aquaintances + 1 guy I didn't know asked for readings. So I drew cards and read them a litany of meanings from my book. Shockingly, they looked shocked. In varying degrees. I still wonder what that guy's question was- didn't tell me but he got something from the cards.

Over the years I ditched the books and started reading online- at forums, networks, for friends. I've definitely had those aha! moments and been able to pass those along to others I read for. It's my hope to offer readings in my shop and scatter them wherever I go.

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