Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Etsy Collection: Montclair NJ

I know how much you all enjoy these collections (seriously, this blog gets about 8 more views) so I plunked down on my chair with my coffee mug and had to come up with something. So how about featuring local people? There hasn't been a collection where all the sellers had something in common.
So this week's post features just a sampling of all the creative Montclarians here, my home since last summer.

Cut paper nightlights and artwork

Funky repurposed items
by Copabananas

Thoughtful, printable paper gifts
by littlebrownpen

Unbelievably cute amigurumi plush
by anapaulaoli

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Anonymous said...

It's always fun to find another Montclair Etsian! Thanks for the shoutout!

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