Monday, April 20, 2009

Rustic Linen tarot wrap

I found an awesome stitch pattern that makes a dense, sturdy cloth; great for wraps and pouches. You're going to see it popping up a lot in Moonthrall.

The Rustic Linen wrap is the newest tarot knit using it:

The sturdy rustic look of the knitting is set off by this bright linen blend ranging from light pink, magenta and purple.
Rustic will hold your favorite deck until you're ready to read and would look great by itself on a reading table or together with the rest of your collection.
The vibrant colors will liven up your reading area and can be used as a spread cloth to ponder your daily readings.

See my line of tarot knits on etsy.

Can I use "rustic" some more?
The crazy colors may have thrown my camera off; some of the pics looked yellowish.
I hope it's just not my camera going wonky.

Comments/critiques are greatly appreciated!

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