Thursday, July 9, 2009

Featured Artist: Some Weird Crab

I found SomeWeirdCrab on Etsy's Pounce feature- her shop stood out from the others who haven't made their first sale- yet.
Check out her plushies & bags and don't forget to heart and comment!

About SomeWeirdCrab
"My name's Sarah Beth Falbe, and I live in Hendersonville, TN (which is close to Nashville), and pretty much the only thing I do is sew."

Explain your craft and where you get ideas
"I basically make whatever I feel like making that day. It really just depends on my mood. One day it may be a bag, while the next day it might be a stuffed animal. I really get inspired by fabric, and I just wish I could have an unlimited supply of it. I would probably never leave the house if I did, though..."

Do you offer customers anything besides a product?
"The thing I offer customers apart from a only a product is a promise that whatever the customer buys is made with great love and care. I take my time in everything I make, to make sure that the customer is getting the best product possible."

How have you grown as a seller?
"Well, really the only way I've grown as a seller is actually BECOMING a seller. It's all very very new to me, and I just think it's a huge step for me to actually BE selling things now. It's all so exciting!"

Your plans for this year?
"My plans for this year are very daunting. I'm starting college this year, so I really don't know what to expect. Everything's changing! And I don't know how much time I'll have to make anything, but I know I'll find time somewhere."

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robin @ myriad design said...

I love the "Tweet Tote" so cute and summery! I'd love to see someweirdcrab original patterns especially for little kids to sew their own plush animals. Whatdya think?

SvetlanaK said...

That's a really good idea- I looooved making doll clothing and stuff. You don't see cut n sew things for kids anymore.

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