Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tarot Journal

This is a sampling of full readings collected from my journal and around the internet.  

Everything done for others is here without names or identifying info, though sometimes feedback is shared.  Everything else has as much detail as I can add, so you can see how the cards actually came into play in real life.

The Moon + 3 of Swords
It may be the deck itself, but there's a twinge of sorrow here and also a "wait and see" kind of feel.
The crescent moon and the lady's gaze drew me most- like the shifting of the moon relating to timing in your own life.  You're waiting for something to change or come to fruition.  The 3 shows some disappointment and weakness even- but that's current or just passing, not what will continue.

I pulled the Emperor to clarify- you'll be better off if you recognize what control you have and use logic.  Pining over some outcome makes for gloomy cards." 
With the Corto Maltese tarot

Judgement + 9 of Wands
Is X (person the querent asked about) in another country?  A couple extra cards drawn look like someone having fun and traveling- one shows Corto waving on a beach, one of him standing smiling in front of a flag.  They literally look like postcards. 

At first these seemed harsh, but now I believe Judgement is X's impressions of wherever they've been.  You seem to be dying for this news- but the cards look like someone enjoying themselves.


7 of Pentacles + Ace of Swords
Well, good job.  Are you coming around the time when results are in?
It seems you're doing pretty well with school work and will be rewarded.
 I believe the Ace is the ability for advancement.  If you're on track to go to grad school, professional studies, it looks good.  I got the feeling of "opening your mouth"- like this is something you need to take action to pursue.  It feels very powerful so you should be successful.

The first set of cards, with the 6 of Coins, seems like you made an investment or were very
generous with something you didn't see much return in.  It may have felt like a risk at the time (3 of Swords) but it didn't really go anywhere (Moon).
The Ace of Cups was pulled about what area this describes, so it could be a relationship you're involved in or already left.

It does seem you've moved on from that, as the Devil is followed by the 3 of Cups.  Hey, you seem to be enjoying yourself more and are looking forward to what's coming (Page).

The bottom set is very positive overall- you are seeing prosperity here, rebuilding what you gave already.  The King of Coins shows maturity, making a solid foundation for yourself- something to look forward to (Star!)

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