Friday, May 15, 2009

New Favorites II

Yeah- So I like this mixed format.
I always have new items hearted so this gives you all a way to discover sellers + their work.

Leave comments, heart sellers!

Monty the Lemon
Meringue Pie Kitty
by bobbin4apples

The Zipper Carnival Ride
art photo
by thestapeliacompany

w Truck and New Legs

by DuttonArt

Sexy Stacks rings
by BeadinBabe

In Touch Clutch
by downstairsDesigns

Carrie necklace part deux


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog you have! Smiles D.Elizabeth

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oops forgot to give you my link.


Connie said...

Great featured items!

Connie @ Klosti

SvetlanaK said...

Thanks for looking everyone!
Denise, I'll get back to you.

Connie, is that your etsy shop? I'll convo you there.

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