Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lenormand Draw: Cross, Man, Moon

Thanks to constant Lenormand posts on FB and this guy, I pulled out my own deck again.

This little spread came up on Monday, which looked interesting at first but woefully turned out not as much.

We have the Cross, the Man and the Moon.
Together, I got the idea of a very important connection being made with an artistic man.  One involved in something creative, perhaps having some recognition.  He may, instead, have heard of me through my own work.

Monday turned up 2 possibilities:  a hottie in a magazine and a client cancellation.

A magazine made its way to my workplace and the man (with his wife) on the cover caught my eye.  The editors seemed to like showing off the couples' wedding rings like a big stop sign.

Cross: married
This card can seem like things are out of your control, and he is indeed out of my sphere of reality.
Way out.

Man:  obvious.
We see him as married already.

Moon:  fame, the arts, romantic
Lots of cuddly pics of the couple, both actors or making a living being in front of cameras.
The man does have blue eyes, and the Moon I would take to show colors of blue or silver.

That same evening, a male client cancelled an appointment due to an emergency.
Cross: burdens
In this case it was sudden for him and out of his control.  The Moon sets this at night, when I received the message.

There you go.
These cards do have a reputation for showing tangible, specific events and people around you.

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