Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Night Prosperity List #2: London and Paris

I did a bunch of things I've always wanted to do last month.

First plane ride, first time outside of the US, first trip to Europe, but 2nd time speaking French to a native!

Here's what I loved in London and Paris.

Berthillon ice cream * the Eiffel friggin tower * people that start speaking spanish so you can have a real conversation! * the view from Sacre Couer * subways * free croissants in the morning * late night meal of cheese, wine and a baguette on the Seine * macarons * the cool little shops on St. Louis * the view on the Thames * cozy pub decor * Here Comes the Night by Arcade Fire taking off from Newark * the people from all over the world we met

I've got my little Eiffle tower snowglobe and Mind the Gap buttons, 2 original artworks, amazing duty free booze cookies, tons of pictures.
I'm damn well bringing a jacket and waterproof, grippy shoes to London next time.  But Paris is a go anytime.

Have you been here or are planning a trip to somewhere you've never been!  Post what you're excited about or share some tips.

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