Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Learn Tarot: Court cards

This is all about court cards as I know them.  

The “people cards” show a few things:

  • gender
  • place or hierarchy in a situation
  • their reaction to a situation
  • experience in life or general age
The few times a card’s gender hasn’t matched the querent is when I knew their gender already.  All these had the added benefit of showing us more about the person.

In one case, the man I read for came up as the Queen of Wands- very capable at his engineering design work but in talks with others about new employment.

So as the Queen, he had lots of great experience and success in his field.  But he appealed to his social skills doing interviews.  He wasn’t the novice page, the moving around Knight or the business owner King.
The Queen of Wands in my Russian deck actually showed his design field- the Queen has a needlework picture in front of her.

A persons’s hierarchy is their status, leverage or point of view.  A part time employee in high school could be the Page of Coins.  A self-employed entrepreneur is the Queen of Cups.  A truck driver, the Knight of Wands.

Does the card feel like it talks about what the person is doing rather than who they are?
Court cards can tell you about character or further, their reaction to a situation.

A young man came up in a woman’s reading as the Knight of Swords.  She asked about travel.  I took this as her travel companion.  Turned out, yes, he was a young man with a “Go, go, go” attitude.  His urging was a good thing but a reminder to the woman to relax.  And take time to go over belongings and not ignore her own needs for the trip.


can be logical, swift to decisions and unswayed by others, relies on facts and experience


good at starting things or getting momentum going, all about excitement, may have trouble completing plans


can put others’ needs first, kind hearted, share kind words


practical minded, may be a business owner or involved in financial pursuits

So- gender, character and point of view.  These are the main pieces of information you can find out.  You can feel when you’re looking at your querent or someone else involved.


Matching Court Cards

When I see matching courts (Queen and King of Wands), I take them as being related in real life.  Especially as husband/wife, parent/child or siblings.  Gender almost always matches as well.

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