Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Code of Ethics

I am not a fortune teller- this goes against how I believe tarot works. The future is made up of your efforts and outside circumstances, not absolute fate.
Many times a reading will clarify and bring to people a new perspective; easing worry, solving problems and offering knowledge to help them along their path.

I have the best interests of clients in mind and offer professional, confidential readings without judgment.

My goal is to interpret what I see and feel; not how I would go about things nor offer specific advice. Readings are about you- telling you what to do is not my part nor would I agree to give such information. What you do with knowledge received from readings is entirely up to you.

I suggest no more than one reading every 3 months or so and may refuse reading for those who constantly ask for them. They are not offered so people can become dependent on them.

I will answer questions about the reading either by going over certain parts again or drawing a few more cards, within reason. Most of the time what's in front of you is all there is to know and drawing more cards or repeating readings is overkill.

I do not offer past life/karmic readings as such, but will provide information from readings regarding these subjects if they come up. They've popped up a couple times and I'll relay this to you.

I won't read for third parties: lots of times other people will show up in readings if they are directly involved with you and that's fine. You need to know what's up with them. But asking about someone's private life, thoughts or actions won't be read for.

All rates are posted in my etsy shop & blog. I will not push additional readings, add-ons or extra fees on you.

Readings are confidential unless I believe you are harmful to yourself or others.
I am not a therapist, doctor or legal expert. If you have mental or health issues you need help with, please contact the appropriate service. I can only offer so much in the way of readings. Take care of yourself.

You must be 18 + to request a reading.

You may request a refund if the reading really isn't accurate or doesn't resonate with you. Please take 3 days to let it sink in- some things need time to be mulled over.


I hope that clears up some things for you and provides reassurance that I take reading seriously as a professional, but offer my own reading experience and sense of humor. I look forward to hearing from you!


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