Monday, October 5, 2009

TarotElements' Contributor of the Week!

One of my spreads has been published on TarotElements! Catherine, the blog's creator, has put up a call for Tarot articles- anything on reading, history, personal stories, professional encounters, philosophy. Whatever you want to share with readers.

You can go straight to my post here.


Phine said...

Hi Svetlana,

I really enjoy your muffin spread - and I´d like to come out with it in my blog as well, if you permit me to do so (linking your blog for sure).
I like these spreads using just several cards to get out a maximum of insights. And it would be great to show this variation of a PPF-spread to the German readership.

And your knitted wraps are lovely :-) !

from Phine

SvetlanaK said...

Huge thanks for your comment- I'd be thrilled to have my spread on your blog! Too bad I don't know German, but I'll be going through it and all your links- it looks extremely insightful.


Phine said...

Thank you very much, Svet -

your spread will enrich my fund of much-loved spreads and will surely find other readers to please them.
I already posted your great spread a few minutes ago - an example will follow soon.

Thanks again for sharing,


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