Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featured Artist: MeredithFenwick

"My name is Meredith and I am a SAHM to two little boys by day and scrapbook and jewelry designer by night."

Your craft & ideas
"I love making things. For the past few years I was very happy creating graphics with my computer but I wanted to get away from being plugged in all the time and jewelry has always been special to me. I decided to start making some fun pieces and opened my Etsy shop. I love getting to shop for new stones and beads and every sale is so special to me."
Do you offer customers anything besides a product?
"For a few months this summer I had a necklace available where part of the proceeds went to a charity my friend was raising money for. The necklace was called Zachary's Hope and was inspired by my friend's little boy."

How have you grown as a seller/what tips have you learned?
"I am learning every day. The best tip and the one that everyone will tell you is to work on your photos. I am relatively happy with mine right now although I know they can be better. I am always searching for a way to make my photos the best that they can be and show the customer the actual item at the same time."

Plans for the coming year? 
"My plans for the coming yeara are to keep learning and making new things. Each piece I make teaches me something new and I love doing tutorials and taking classes when I can. I tend to roll with the punches since this is a hobby business right now. :)"

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