Monday, October 19, 2009

Featured Arist: SunkenGardenBeads

SunkenGarden's Zenith Earrings on craftgawker were what
drew me to her shop.  

I hope you enjoy looking through
this latest discovery, and as always comments and hearts
are appreciated.

"I'm a creative and literary sort of person at heart. I love learning languages, writing and creating works of art, jewelry being my favorite craft."
Explain your craft & ideas 
" I've been making jewelry since I was a child and in March 2009 (rather on a whim) I decided to start selling jewelry online for a little extra cash. It's worked out great, and although I don't make sales every day I enjoy the creation process and seeing people find pieces they love in my shop,"

Do you offer customers anything besides a product?  
"I include free jewelry repair with all my pieces that are purchased from me. Even years down the road, if something happens to your favorite earrings - one gets lost, a bead somehow breaks during normal wear, etc. - I will gladly fix it for you if possible, at only the cost of return shipping."

How have you grown as a seller?
"I've picked up a wide range of beading techniques over the months, and wire-wrapping in brass has come to be my favorite and the style I stick to the most. Brass is nice because, unlike silver, it actually looks cool when it oxidizes and ages over the years. It's a very carefree sort of metal. I've also learned that photos can always be improved on, so I'm constantly stepping up the quality and appeal of my photos."

Plans for the coming year?  
"I just launched my new sister shop,, which features medieval-themed metalsmithed jewelry. I also plan on increasing the number of items in both my shops to 100, which I've heard is a good average number of items to have in your shop. Who knows how long it'll take, with school and two jobs to keep up with, but I make new pieces every week and don't think it will take a very long time."
Inferno earrings

 Twilight Cinderella earrings

 Vesper earrings

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