Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newest Knit Handwarmers + Listening Party

There are more on the way, but here are the two latest sets in my shop.
My knitwear ranges from luxurious to simple to funky- all inspired by nature, the mystical and the odd.  But every pair is made from pure wool or wool blends, to keep you warm and looking great.

Bibbety Bobbity Mini
eclectic, colorful ribbing + bobbles

Also of note- my work is in two local shops here in Monctlair!
Pick up a new rune bag for yourself or a reader friend at Mystic Spirit.

A selection of handwarmers are at Stix N Stitches.

Neon Candy Striper

What's in My Youtube?!
Rediscovered Electric Six.  Found Inuit throat singing though Mongolian throat singing.  If you've seen the
Simpsons movie, you have an idea of it.
Yes, everything in the world is on the Simpsons.

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