Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saint Expedite

I posted this on another little piece of the internet.  Had begun another novena to St. Expedite earlier this week for help in getting my "side" projects going and becoming self supporting.
Well he does work fast....

Found out tonight I was fired.

I'm sharing this with you now because St. Expedite helped me out of a pretty bad time and I've begun to ask for his help again.

Here's the original post:
For my first real "work" post, I'll begin with St. Expedite.

He's the first saint, along with St. Jude, I've petitioned.  Novenas, random prayers in my own words, candles on my altar, the whole set up.  I'm not sure exactly how he popped up- but I was unemployed at the time and desperately looking for jobs.  Anything.

Here's how I went about it, with bits from my journal:

Get to Know Who You're Asking for Help
This point was driven home by several sources as a sign of respect.  You're also finding out who will actually work with and help you.  I was in need, and needed help fast despite a run of failures and problems.
Some of which were on my part.

You can find out more about St. E here:
St.   With history, prayers and pictures.  You can leave your own petition and read other people's.  Donations and tribute can be given (it's part of his payment anyway!)

St. Expedite on Lucky Mojo:  More history, using corresponding candles and oils, prayers

Gather your supplies- and be specific!
Ritual is important to me- preparing and lighting candles, setting up a space to work them- so I ran to the store and picked up some red tapers.  I already had some oils used in prosperity and fast luck so I set to work.

"Started another red candle with peppermint oil, gold & red glitter.  Began the novena.  This time I added a list of what I wanted in a job."

This time, I got one a few days afterward.

"Thing is, I stated at least $12/hr and 30 hours a week.  Never specified all in one job.  I got another pt job that week, for $8 an hour."
So, I ended up with just under 30 hours a week....but in total over $12 an hour!  Still not enough!  It's something I leaned right away- you need to be specific with this Saint.  And in any work you do.
But he brought me what I asked fork so he got his payment.  Pound cake, a note on St. and a donation.

Seeing what being specific (or not) brought, I made another list.  This time it had everything I *really* wanted in a job.  To be close, pay X amount, enjoyable...possibility for benefits.

I got that job- not as quickly as I would have liked- but soon after realigning my petition to what I wanted and needed.  If I kept feeling down about my prospects (I interviewed for a burger joint and wanted to die), that's all that would come my way.
The place has a huge learning curve and is not the smoothest place to work.  But it's all I asked for.

Give thanks and payment

It's always nice to show gratitude to whomever you petition for help, and it's given.
St. Expedite has his particulars.  And this is what I gave him:

*Tribute around the internet: on Youtube videos about him, Facebook groups, St Expedite. org, blogs.  You can also donate to organizations that promote him- or any cause that helps the very thing you need help with, too.

*Pound cake.  A piece left by his candle or picture.  I left it there way too long at first, but now it's for only one day.  You can crumble it and throw it outside for the animals after that.

*A white tealight and incense.  Something to leave on your workspace to show thanks.


puppybonjoy said...

st.expedite thank you sooo much..i am sooo happy.I do not really know if my kid is one of the top but her grades amazed me.I am really thankful to you and I will always praised you for the help and support you had been extending to me and my family.Thank you soo much.I am so proud of you dear st.expedite.

Svetlana K said...

Hi Puppy-
I'm so happy your daughter is doing well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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