Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Featured Artist: House of Eleggua

Visiting Carolina and Fernando's shop is like being welcomed into their home.
You see where they live and work, and they wouldn't share anything they wouldn't use themselves.

From beautiful altar adornments and prayer cards (all are prints or from sculptures painted by Carolina) to powerful magickal items, you can be sure they only offer the best.
Look through their shop and blog and you can see how dedicated they are to their faith and work.
Oya print

"we are a husband and wife team dedicated completely to the creation of magickal items for your devotional use"

"I have been a Witch for 22 years. Since my path mixes several pantheons, I could be considered an Eclectic Witch; but honestly, I would prefer the label of Artisan Witch...arts and crafts are entwined into my path to its very root; I am a painter, a doll customizer, a herbalist, and a daughter of the Orishas."
"My husband Fernando, a follower of the Norse pantheon, is the other half of House Of Eleggua. He's the homemaker, the wood carver, the sacred musician and the taxidermist, and also a Pagan since his early teenage years."

Tell us about your craft
"Creating art devoted to the spiritual paths of Pagans is the call of both our souls; we constantly seek and learn new techniques, and thrive on one of a kind and custom work for our customers, who are all over the world thanks to Internet."
"recreating crafts that are disappearing like spinning, hand sewing, hand carving"
 'Our spiritual path shapes all our life – we are committed to recycling, organic gardening, homemaking, and many times work with upcycled or discarded materials.  Everything you can find at our shop is handmade, homegrown and wildharvested by us."
"House Of Eleggua is mainly focused on the devotion of African – origin paths like Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo Umbanda, Kimbanda and Spiritualism, but we serve Pagans of all paths, and have created custom work for almost every type of practitioner under the wide Pagan umbrella."

A Protection bottle charm for your home
Our work covers three main areas
* Tarot and Spellwork services;

* Handcrafted and unique devotional items: amulets, incense holders, altar statuary and ornamentation, original paintings and prints, Book Of Shadows inserts, etc.

* Handcrafted spiritual supplies: spiritual waters, holy cards, herbs, ritual supplies, powders, oils, incenses, etc.

3 Question Tarot Reading
Do you offer anything besides a product?
"We offer the expertise of a lifetime devoted to the practise of Spirituality and the creating of Devotional art.
...the assurance of three years of positive customer feedback... a unique approach to Afro-Caribbean religions, away from fear and ignorance." 
"We offer a constantly growing inventory, which offers a continuous selection of one-of-a-kind art, and the best handmade supplies for the practise of spiritual work. We offer handmade, homegrown and wildharvested items."
"We offer uniqueness, transparency and truth about what we do."

How have you grown as a seller?
"Be Yourself, Be Patient And Work Hard"
"After almost four years selling online, the most important tip I have learnt is Be Yourself, Be Patient And Work Hard. Customers are intelligent and can tell fake from true in a second, and that is the reason why many starting business fail – because they are trying to imitate someone else. We were the first shop to offer Santeria products at Etsy, and we hear of a new rip-off everyday from our customers and friends."
"...no matter how small your business is, it IS a business and must be treated as such. Learn accounting, marketing, tax laws, customer service, and anything that your business requires to grow. In this economy, this is more important than ever, because competition is higher."

What are you plans for the coming year?
"To continue work on our website, which we finally opened this year, and start working completely on our own. We intend to have an integrated shopping cart so we are not under the system of a venue any more. Hopefully, that will be a reality by Spring 2012. Also, we hope to make our Newsletter Subscriber Sales a regular feature, as we have just made the first one as it's been a roaring success."

Quick!  What's inspiring you right now?
"We are constantly evolving as growing as Spiritual Practitioners, so our work is never static. We are inspired by ancient crafts, and expect to offer more and better handmade items continuously. Of course, this will always be reflected on our shop."

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Carolina Gonzalez said...

Thanks so much for the chance to be one of your featured sellers, Svetlana! We are really honoured, and looking forward for more collaborations in the future! May you and your business be blessed by the Orishas!

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