Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Featured Artist: aKNITomy

Meet Emily Stoneking, amazing knitter of guts and seller behind aKNITomy.

The detail and craftsmanship in her pieces are pretty stunning- and the concept will delight science nerds with a sense of humor.

Biology 101 DIY kit

"I really like taking objects or concepts that many people (including myself, sometimes) are squeamish about and recreating them out of materials that many of the same people think are cozy and inviting."

Tell us about yourself
"I'm not a biologist, but I play one on the Internet! 
Actually, I'm just a crazy-avid knitter who is putting herself through school by making and selling knitted science themed stuff!"

Explain your craft
"I knit biology projects. The first was a dissected frog (the classic!), and later came the lab rat, fetal pig, earthworm, bat, and even the Easter Bunny (he's filled with Easter eggs and plastic grass!).
I have no background in science, I just really admire all that science is and does. This is my little knitterly homage to it, I suppose."
Alien Autopsy

Do you offer customers anything besides a product?
"I sell my patterns as well as my finished items, so customers who know how to knit can make their own dissections. I also provide pattern support, and am always answering questions -- everything from specific questions relating to one of my patterns, to helping out someone who is just learning and needs help with certain techniques!"

How have you grown as a seller?
"It's really important to take the time to work on new things."
 "When you create something and it is selling well, it's tempting to sit and make the same thing over and over, because you know it works. But stop and carve out some time to work on the things that you've been scribbling down in your idea notebook. It is good for you (keeps your mind active and your work fresh), and it keeps your customers coming back!"

Knitted Neuroscience

Any plans for the coming year?
"I've currently got a list of dozens of dissections and other science-themed knits that I want to get out into the world in the coming year, as well as launching a new hand-dyed yarn line!"

What's inspiring you right now?
"The Smiths song, Everyday is like Sunday. I'm currently brewing up some ideas for hand dyed yarns, inspired by Britain! I don't know when they'll debut, but I'm hoping for late Winter, early Spring."

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