Friday, August 3, 2012

Collecting Meditations

Happy Friday all.
I'll be starting massage therapy training on Monday.  In addition to two part time jobs and online shops.

Tarot readings may have to be put on hold- we will see.

It also means I need to use my free time wiser.  To remain sane, productive and in a healing frame of mind I want to meditate regularly.  Actively grounding, centering and otherwise working in this state has been lost to me for a while and I'm starting back up.

So, on the hunt for good downloads to burn.  Below are some sources I've found- but I would love to see yours!

Daniela at Thinking Bliss has several guided meditations with purpose- like accepting change, love and attracting abundance.

Explore Meditation has a bunch to stream.

Meditation Oasis- loads of podcasts on all kinds of meditations and how to articles.

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