Monday, August 27, 2012

Personal Update

Hey Everyone.

Finished 3 weeks of the massage therapy course and I love it.

Had my first few solo one hour massages.  I hear clients' deep breathing now and want to giggle!  It's like their silent approval.

Student business cards and more ads will follow once I get confidence and skill up.

I had an interesting Lenormand reading to check on possible progress in the course this month:
Sun + Man + {Tree} + Stars + Child

I chose the Tree as the massage course ( health, healing).
In my journal, I made notes for each card and pair.

Sun + Man: leadership, praise, taking the initiative (marketing, learning new routines, organizing room)
Stars: can represent the skin, guidance, shining inspiration
Child: small, starting out
Stars + Child: someone with a gift, some small gains in the right direction

How literal the cards were hit me the next day after glancing over them again.
Skin and Touch- a vital part of a therapist's skill.
Feedback has been great, including from my first non student client.  I have a scheduling account and will design cards.  I'm tracking down new routines to learn and use

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