Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tarot wrap knitting pattern, and how easy it is to create new things
tarot pattern available at Moonthrall
If you don't know this lovely pattern is up for grabs by now, it's probably my fault for 
posting nothing about it!

A few customers have asked for patterns of my work, the Diamante wrap being the most popular.  The last request was from a particularly nice person with a shared interest in knitting gifts.  A perfect kick in the ass.

"I'm thrilled with your request- people have asked before but it's not something I've done yet.  I'm taking this as a chance..."

I was inspired to take the pretty simple step of making my first pdf.  One weekend later it was up in my shop and the customer had her request answered!

Along with an instant happy customer, it showed me to listen to customers more.  They were *asking* me to sell x, y and z.

It gave more people a chance to visit my shop that otherwise may not have been interested.  Not everyone cares for a tarot reading or has an altar.

I listed this in my Ravelry store.  More people in different venues!

PDFs are easy to make. 

So listen to your customers- besides being genuinely interested in what you offer, their comments to you can be loaded with inspiration.

Thank you!

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