Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthdays and Other News

It seems every time March/April rolls around, there's a birthday every day.
My sister and I celebrated ours last week.  People at school had theirs, friends on Facebook had a bunch, a few of my coworkers had some the last couple weeks.

Not one of them?  Then enjoy this video.

For shop news, you can find several new tarot wraps.  They are based on one of my first designs- the Diamante.
It was a favorite when Moonthrall opened in 2008 and they're back in many new colors.

Diamante tarot wrap

Strong, simple and beautiful wraps to keep your cards together at home or on trips. 

6 of Pentacles.  The beauty of this card has become clearer recently: being given what you need, by someone who sees your true worth.  On the other side, having the sense and resources to give.

Etsy Favorites
Lovely Labradorite piece from FenderMinerals
Crystal collection complete with wooden shelf from 
Case for double pointed knitting needles by skrapyram
Elm divination bowl by TreeSeer
Raw pyrite and brass locket by DirdyBirdy

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