Saturday, May 5, 2012

Homemade Oatmeal Scrub

I made this face scrub last winter- loved it so much I gave a few packs away to customers.  I continue to keep a fresh batch on hand- it’s all natural, easy to make and keeps your skin really soft.

Like the best old school homemakey people I don’t use exact measurements.  

Get these together:
*coffee grinder
*air tight jar with lid
*dry oatmeal
The main ingredient.  Cleans and gently exfoliates. Great for sensitive skin. Reveals clean, soft skin.
*whole cloves
I like something a little…harsher. Hence cloves, which give great scrubbing and bacteria killing properties.  These are sharp, so grind well.  If your skin is sensitive you can skip it or add only a bit.  I like enough to get a good amount mixed with the oatmeal.
*bergamot essential oil
Just a couple drops.  If your skin is sun sensitive, you may want to skip this.  It kills bacteria and soaks up oil.  I added too much, along with lots of cloves, the first time and my skin burned.  Haha- so really two drops per cup or so is enough.
*rice flour (optional)
Brightens and soothes skin. Soaks up excess oil (use it as a powder to set makeup and get rid of shine).  

I have a nice glass jar with tight fitting lid to put everything in.
A coffee grinder is your best friend here.  Add enough oatmeal and grind to a fine powder to get yourself about a cup to start.  Won’t take long.
Add a few teaspoons of rice flour to the jar.
Grind a few teaspoons of cloves (or skip these) so that no sharp points are left.  Add em.
With a dropper, add a couple drops of bergamot essential oil to the whole thing.  Close lid and shake.  You may want to go in with a fork or something to get the oil worked through well.
To wash your face, add water to a small palm full to make a paste.  Or add enough to honey to make a super moisturizing face mask!

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