Friday, May 11, 2012

May Moonthrall Newsletter

Hey- happy May 11th!  
As usual, or close to usual here, you can see projects I'm working on, favorite videos and the best of fellow artisans.
Some stunning yarn I've been eyeing was on sale, so 3 new skeins are mine.  Those are the new altar cloths below.  Two are listed now- camera never works for more than 5 minutes so third will go up tomorrow.  Please tell me what you think!

New at Moonthrall 

Silk altar cloths

Silk altar cloth

small cloths, almost 
like woven mats, in 
gorgeous colors.

for little altars
crystals collections
favorite knickknacks

Tarot Wraps

You saw the gray Diamante wrap last time- but they're up in several more colors.

Diamante knit tarot wrap
Diamante tarot wrap in coral

I've been geeking out on ballet and opera lately.  This piece from Offenbach's Tales of Hoffman has been playing in my head constantly.  So much that I compiled a youtube playlist and pinterest board of favorite videos.
My Doll Song board

Kathleen Kim and Joseph Calleja

Etsy Favorites

Felted kitty bed by vaivanat
Custom lampwork beads by debbiesanders
Stained glass candle holder by MedievalLightCompany

Videos for You

The Red Shoes feat. Moira Shearer.  This was in the Montclair film festival.  Missed it, but here's the magic of the internet.

Ours- "Fallen Souls"

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