Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Spheres Tarot Spread

A concise spread packed with information you can use now!
I was inspired by math/powers and "spheres of influence": the main card, representing you, changes with the accompanying card.

Give the spread a try and post your readings here!

Inner Sphere

*what you feel, your intention, what you're putting forth
*how circumstances are effecting you

If these cards don't jive, you've pinpointed something that's upsetting you.

Outer Sphere

*your surroundings + current situation

Other People + Factors at Work

*many times describes other people effecting the current situation, can show their 
overall attitude toward you or dominating feature that effects the current card

*can bring up anything else you need to see

This is a great opportunity to connect any court card appearances to people around you.  

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