Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tarot Guidance Reading

I borrowed the Charlotte Mason spread from Tarotdame's blog and put it to use in a guidance reading for tarot.

The Bohemian Gothic tarot

Something to Think About
5 of Cups

How am I hard on myself or feel unfulfilled at reading? At the same time, am I working on them properly? I'm hard on myself when I miss the mark in a reading- when people are confused over a card or feel it doesn't really help. I feel I won't get anywhere as a reader if I can't do X amount of readings a day. My reading stamina needs to be built up. Or when I don't offer fun, novel types of readings with different decks. I just offer whatever people would like to be read on with whatever deck I feel like using. Haha, seems sort of apathetic but it's organic at the same time- it leaves room for things to grow out of it, whatever the querent needs to know.
I do think variety would liven things up and look to the Queen of Wands in this deck as the embodiment of crazed liveliness hehe. She's all glammed up, doing her thing and doesn't give a damn! She was the bottom card when the deck was cut.

Something to Do
6 of Swords

This seems to speak on the continuation of my tarot experience. I also pulled the 2 of Swords + 10 of Pentacles to explain. These are the physical choices to be made- each one changing the course of the experience. Or it could mean the One Big One- will I become a pro? All choices are then made from that decision.

Something to Love
4 of Swords

This is time away from normality that tarot brings. I'm alone with the cards and with someone's concern but am tapping into infinite wisdom.
It's also the flexibility of reading- I do have the freedom to choose how many readings to do- tarot usually fits in with any schedule.

I'm always surprised at how much comes out of a reading, or anything, after you start writing.

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