Thursday, January 8, 2009

In which I get thrown through a window

Another weird dream of note-
I was in a lab- cinder block walls- being shown this length of windows. On the other side, far below in a large room, were big round pools of liquid. Holding tanks. They had length of cords or tracks with electrical currents running through them. I forgot what the liquid was or what it was for- something nefarious I remember.

The lab guy I was with at one point pushed me through the glass and I fell down into one of the tanks.

I don't remember what happened, but later I was with at least one other guy- touring the place, just looking at the aftermath. I guess whatever went on in there was discovered. Before that, in the lab, there was a guy there- looked like Triple H! It may have been him even. Either I or someone else was being attacked by him. He punched the wall behind them, leaving a very high, damaging crater in it.

So this guy comments on what was left. I looked at it- I was standing on a landing in front of those windows. There was a dent with long cracks running along the wall, above this guy's head. The height made it seem like a giant left it.

"This guy must've been over 6'3''!" he exclaimed. Now that's not an incredible height now that I'm thinking of it, but we were in awe then.

"He was." I replied.

Now I wasn't in a situation to know that- we were there to look at the place- weren't directly involved with the lab. But I realized I'd been there. Then I wondered to myself- what happened to me after falling though that glass? What did that tank do to me? I saw in my mind the punch that damaged the wall.

A lot of the dreams last night centered around that lab- and the stairs leading down to it.

In another dream, we were running- down stairs. Lots of them. We were escaping something, and there was an exit there. There were other people too. I think I had some family with me.

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