Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Throw

It's the night of the full moon. I pulled some cards this morning- I've pursued a few job prospects and wanted to know if anything was coming up.

Deck: Russian Tarot of St Petersburg
Spread: Daily Overview by lark

**Role/Best Approach**

1. Work: 8 of Coins
There are walk in interviews going on in town, and I got a reply this week to attend one after sending two inquiries. I was in a should I/shouldn't I frame today, but this let me know today would be a good day.

2. Home: Queen of Coins
Another coins card- reinforces the 8, maybe do a little work with the full moon tonight? Hey, I'm working on my blog now aren't I?

3. Unexpected: 3 of Cups
The interview did go well- the guy I talked to was very friendly, didn't expect me to explain everything on my resume in detail, gave me some info to go over so I'm more informed when they follow up.

4. Best Approach: Judgment
The full meaning of this didn't hit me until I was walking home- uphill! This- working in a kids' environment- is not something I saw myself doing. The jobs I was applying for were secretary/receptionist/retail mostly. This is more dynamic.
Yes, there's work with kids involved. Have I done that before? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes, once I realized they're not going to throw things at me or stare at me with their arms folded. Especially during Harry Potter night when I had my cards spread out trying to come up with amusing, mystical one liners for their draw.
Their products sound cool- no light up, screaming garbage to listen to- and I may have opportunities to do artsy things with them.

5. Overview: Page of Swords
Hm...right now, I can only see this as taking the step to go and meet with the interviewers.
I did get some lovely incense while I was there, so that's cool.

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